It's Not A Good Idea To Kill A Giant Spider With Brass Knuckles

I can't stop watching this video. This loveable guy came up with the genius idea to kill a gigantic spider on the wall with brass knuckles. Um, it doesn't end well. Or well, it ends up exactly like how you would imagine. [YouTube]


    Thats not big :P
    Huntsman spiders are bigger than that.
    What a pussy

      what a pussy indeed.

      needs to come to Australia to man up a bit.

      also...punching through the wall???

      I see spiders bigger than that every night when I go out to have a smoke on my doorstep.

      If they come inside, I just get a dish with a lid, knock them into it, seal it, then let them go outside.

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    Looks like a real talented bloke.

    Until I saw this video I though the phrase "to kill an ant with an elephant gun" was just an expression, and no idiot would ever actually do it.

    I wanted him to miss the spider, have it jump on him, and then hear him squeal like a girl :)

      ..........then scuttle up his arm, and into his mouth as he screams!

        Then crawl down his throat and lay eggs inside him and then they'd hatch and thousands of tiny spiders would then eat their way out of him.

    I was really hoping he would miss, get his hand stuck in the wall and have the spider run up his arm... the actual ending was almost as good.

    I love how he punches it twice......first hole not big enough?

    The other day we found a big spider in our new house. When I say big, I mean the size of someone's palm. I sucked the sonbitch up with a vacuum and it made a few clunks as it went down the pipe, then like any arachnophobic person, I put tinfoil over the end and waited for it to die before emptying the bag and disposing of it.

    Felt like a goddamn champ..... you know, in the same way someone who punches a downed opponent feels like a champ..

    Man... that spider is puny... I remember going to Victor Habour one year and to a friends fathers farm where we stayed out in a granny flat kind of shed.. On the outside of one of the sheds there was this massive spider.. and I mean it was the size of a small balloon.. easily 20cm across... never seen anything like it... wouldn't go near it lol.. would love to see this guy smash that!! lol.. never seena spider so big!

    That's not a spider.... this is a spider

    A real man would release it outside.
    Someone needs to superglue a plastic spider onto the face of all people like this.

    i found this very funny...i little bit staged... maybe.... i'm not sure, but quite funny.
    reflecting on what he just did, just before calling for mum - gold.

    'Merica. Land of (not-so) large spiders and flimsy, hollow walls.

    I messed up. I just messed up.

    Should've got his mum to deal with the big ol' scary spider.
    Big baby.


    I was hoping for girly screams and the spider running up his arm also, but I was happy with what I saw.

    I tell my kids to leave spiders much bigger than that alone because they eat the cockroaches.

    Seriously, I can't stand spiders but this guy needs to live in Australia to understand spider-fear properly.

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