It's 1991 And Nintendo Is Ruining America's Youth

Has Nintendo taken things too far? It's 1991, shoulder pads are in, and America's kids are NIN-TEN-PENDENT<. Yeah, that's right. Addicted video games thanks to Nintendo, which at the time controlled 80 per cent of the market.

The kids and parents who have been hypnotized and traumatized by cutting-edge '90s graphics and an Italian plumber's moustache and ability to grow twice his size after ingesting a mushroom are in group therapy. They struggle with the price of the console ($2US00!), the peer pressure (Sega isn't as cool, mom!), and the exploitative marketing (buy, buy, buy!).

You think it's bad, parents of 1991? Just wait until they discover the internet. [BuzzFeed]


    How i would love to go back to that time. Life was simple, except for the news and big hair and shoulder pads.

    Love it!

      These formatting options are just marketing tactics to make you buy more Gizmodo

    Who knew that they market things to make your spend more money! The cheeky devils. lol

    I just noticed that the Super Mario World title in that video had a sub heading of Super Mario Bros. 4

    Awesome :)

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