It's 1991 And Nintendo Is Ruining America's Youth

Has Nintendo taken things too far? It's 1991, shoulder pads are in, and America's kids are NIN-TEN-PENDENT<. Yeah, that's right. Addicted video games thanks to Nintendo, which at the time controlled 80 per cent of the market.

The kids and parents who have been hypnotized and traumatized by cutting-edge '90s graphics and an Italian plumber's moustache and ability to grow twice his size after ingesting a mushroom are in group therapy. They struggle with the price of the console ($2US00!), the peer pressure (Sega isn't as cool, mom!), and the exploitative marketing (buy, buy, buy!).

You think it's bad, parents of 1991? Just wait until they discover the internet. [BuzzFeed]

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