It Doesn't Get Much More Epic Than This 97-Second Clip Of Earth's History

Put together by Melody Sheep, this 1:37 clip takes us through Earth's violent history, way before humans started tearing up the place. Don't worry, we're featured in there too, but we seem so insignificant compared to the events and creatures that came before us. Described as a "tapestry of footage tracing the cosmic and biological origins of our species", the clip, entitled "Our Story in 1 Minute", is about as epic a video you'll see today.

While the music might be an original (and awesome) composition, the footage in the video is not. You might spot images from "Through The Wormhole", "Into The Universe", David Attenborough's "First Life", Last Day Of The Dinosaurs and many more documentaries. Still, you put it to some inspirational, driving music and it transforms it all into something that's oddly moving, especially when the dinosaurs cop it (sorry about that spoiler).

[YouTube, via Geekologie]

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