Israel's Social Media Warfare Reaches Historic Low/High With Instagram Duckface

This was probably inevitable. As rockets fly back and forth between Israel and Gaza, Israeli infantry morale seems... a little too high?

BuzzFeed dug up a big batch of artfully-filtered wartime Instagram snaps from the IDF, documenting a generally gung ho, smiling mood among the grunts. The hashtag has never seemed so grotesquely out of place. And yet.

#idf #israel #army #soldier #life #like #girl #girls

These two are gleefully captioned "We're coming for you gaza!"

And I think I recognise her from a Siri commercial.

It might still be too close to call, but this is already at least a contender for most bizarre war of modern times. [BuzzFeed]



    Not bizarre, just Israel being on the cutting edge of technology, this time when it comes to the propaganda front. You have got to admit that what they are publishing on twitter and instagram and the attention it is gathering is good PR regardless of what is actually happening on the ground. Not saying that Israel doing any nefarious or not, just pointing out that they are making good PR regardless of the war situation on the ground. Also, female IDF soldiers are hot, and they use this to their advantage, I hope that using hot soldiers isn't disgraceful by Gizmodo standards.
    (This is not new, just do a Google Image search for female Israeli soldiers and you will see plenty of results)

      Sorry link didn't work

      WTF, just googled, how do they have such a high proportion of hot female soldiers.

        Conscription exists in Israel for all Israeli citizens over the age of 18, although Arab citizens of Israel are exempt .

    remember, these people are secular conscripts. they probably are just trying to make the best of the situation. which would be hellish on both sides.

    My god your right they are hot.,. That's making me want to move their and enlist. War or no war...

    That's disgusting, given the caption. Just disgusting. This sort of thing should not even be given airtime or blog time or whatever anywhere, from either side.
    Fair enough the Israelis and the Palestinians have this awful situation going on, this kind of trivialisation, bravado... this blatant imbecility in the face of that on going atrocity is unacceptable.

      You tell em man. Killing people in wars, eh not so bad but once you start using words in this case a caption, thats offensive to the otherside, thats crossing the line.

    It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye... And then the other sides wants an eye for an eye.

      .. an eye. So they can see 'the girls'

    People - Israel is not out to get Palestinians. They're not at war with Palestinians and they don't have any gripe with Palestinians. They are going into a Palestinian territory to fight Hamas - a terrorist organisation who has sent over 1000 missiles into Israel over the past year with little-to-no retaliation before now.

    Also, like another commenter said, most of these photos are of conscripts. All Israelis (men and women, Jews, Christians, Muslims) serve in the army after they leave school and are on call like reserves after they've done their 3 - 4 years. These people are the reserves that have just been called upon. They're just regular people like us, with jobs like us, living in a modern westernised culture like us.

      ''Regular people like us...''? How many of us have annexed our neighbors' land, built houses on it, and then blockaded it?

      Last edited 17/11/12 5:22 pm

        That's exactly what the Arabs have been doing to the Jews for thousands of years and how this mess came about. The Jews fought for their land back in the region most historically connected to them, they won, and the Arabs are sore losers. They Arabs are free to recognise that the country is now run by Jews and if they do this they are guaranteed to live a happy life living in Israel like so many Arabs already living in Israel proper do, but they can't bring themselves to terms that Israel as a country even exists. Sorry, had to be said how it is.

          Your points are fair, and I do see there are transgressions and double standards on both sides. There is so much history to this conflict, and so much latent hatred, it is hard to see how peace could be achieved.

        How many Israeli citizens have? Don't you understand that people living in Jerusalem who call themselves Palestinians (you are allowed to do that in a democracy) are going to fight the terrorists in Gaza?

        In terms of conscripts using social media - the United Nations decision to give away the British land to make a Jewish state is neither here nor there. It's irrelevant.

      Mate, I don't know where you've got your info from, but it seems you're just another idiot being fed lies by the media. You say 1000 missiles were sent into israel, how many people were killed? In the last 3 days israel have killed over 400 civilians, mostly children women and elderly people.

    In Israel it's as common as dog poop to be bombed. Kinda like somebody doing a burnout out the front of your house on the street. It's not "bizarre war" it is just very commonplace and part of their culture.

    You can afford to be so light hearted when your living on the U.S. nipple.

    Last edited 18/11/12 1:33 am

      Egypt wasn't so light hearted during their recent turmoil - and they live off the "US nipple" far more than Israel do after camp David.

      Please don't try to paint Israel as a the only US backed force in the region. They are, however, the only modern western democratic nation in the region, which I suspect might be the reason we see photos that seem so familiar to us.

    We all know that there are two sides to this story, and we all know that there will probably never be a resolution to their issues - all we can hope for as a mutual "lets not fuck with each other and let each other lives our lives" agreement.

    So, my point being ... can we all go back to talking about hot IDF soldier girls now?

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