Israel Fires Iron Dome's Big Brother

The Iron Dome missile defence system is getting a lot of praise, having (ostensibly) knocked down a lot of Hamas' rockets with remarkable accuracy. All of this unexpected action means it's time to kickstart the bigger, badder version: David's Sling.

The system, also known as "Magic Wand", depending on translation, functions in mostly the same manner as Iron Dome, with one key difference: it's lined up against bigger, far more destructive missiles from Iran, as opposed to the smaller home-brewed models coming out of Gaza — though it can act as a backup against the latter. Each Sling battery works in conjunction with a radar array to pinpoint an enemy missile's trajectory, and then a two-stage "Stunner" interceptor rocket is sent up to knock it out of the sky — at least that's the idea.

According to the Jerusalem Post, "In the [recent] test, a David's Sling battery stationed in southern Israel fired a two-stage interceptor missile and stopped an incoming missile." Staged tests like this aren't of the same calibre as real-world usage, but the accelerated deployment of the Magic Wand is now a chip on the IDF's table as tensions with Iran inevitably ramp up. [Jerusalem Post, The Aviationist]

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