Iran Tried To Shoot Down American Drone

This kind of thing is bad if you don't want a war to start: last week, two Iranian fighter jets fired their machine guns at an American Predator drone in international airspace. The attack was kept quiet until right now.

CNN reports that the drone was unarmed and conducting "routine maritime surveillance", and that it was not hit by Iranian fire. Whether or not the Pentagon is telling the truth about the drone's mission is questionable -- there's every reason to suspect it was snooping around Iranian assets. We don't fly these things to photograph fish. It's also uncertain whether Iran missed on purpose -- it's had to imagine missing a Predator drone, which isn't capable of any kind of evasive manoeuvring comparable to a fighter.

Washington is not happy: "It doesn't matter, they fired on us," says one unnamed US intelligence officer. The US has asked Iran for an explanation but hasn't heard back, which is just kind of sad and embarrassing. [CNN]


    Sounds like news that would have helped romney...

      Upvote for you for realising why the news was kept quiet.

      Strange though that the CIA didn't leak it. They'd surely have preferred reporting to a Romney White House.

    It's so obvious what the U.S is trying to do.

    They're trying to peck a fight so they can topple over Iran and control the middle east.

    America is no different than the British or Roman empire conquering lands, setting up military bases and patrolling just about every area on Earth.

      Yeah, why can't everybody just leave Iran alone to build Nuclear weapons?

        Coz you sir a fool... some how everyone already forgot about nuclear weapons in Iraq...
        i expect war for freedom to start in 3...2...oh wait US run out of money

          What the hell are you talking about....?
          No, nobody has forgotten about them, because in order to forget something it had to have happened in the first place.
          Iraq HAD a Nuclear Weapons program, but NEVER successfully built a Nuclear Weapon.

          Go have a bath and wash all that excess ignorance off...

            lol you don't understand what he meant. The reason to go to war with Iraq was because they supposedly had nuclear weapons, but it turned out to be a lie just so they could invade them, just like Iran probably is.

          Iran is enriching uranium to 20%. Why do they need 20% enriched uranium? No civilian reactor uses 20% EU... the most enriched fuel used in any plant is about 3%. Most use less, around 1%. There are also some that can use unenriched uranium. The only reason to make 20% EU is as a stepping stone to get higher purity. The only reason to have higher purity is to build nuclear weapons. Also if it's for peacfull purposes, why, in a country with high siezmic activity would they build it under a mountain?

            Exactly! And also, any country starting a nuclear program for peaceful purposes would surely be looking at newer, safer, cleaner, cheaper, thorium reactor technology instead. There is no doubt in my mind that Iran is after the bomb. To look at it from another perspective, it is nothing but political expediency on the part of the Iranians. Their politicians can hardly say they have acted in the best interests of their countries national defence if they don't seek nuclear weapons when they are faced with the spectre of Isreal or the US using them against Iran. It's like "DUH people!!!!".

          Your underlying point aside, war is actually good for the US economy. Go and learn some basic economic theory.

        The CIA and israeli Intelligence both say that there's no sign of Iran building or even wanting to build nuclear weapons.

          It's not that simple.
          Iran have a Nuclear Enrichment program that went undetected and unannounced to the IAEA, so technically they have the material available to create a Nuclear Weapon, and (let's be honest) they probably will attempt to create one.

            It was not undetected nor unannounced, Russia built nuclear reactor facilities in Iran for the purposes of power generation.

              He's talking about Nuclear Enrichment which was unannounced. Enrichment is unnecessary for power generation. You would only need enrichment if you where going to make nuclear weapons.

                "Enriched uranium is a critical component for both civil nuclear power generation and military nuclear weapons. "

        I am sure every country under the sun apart from the likes of Bangladesh or Cambodia have some nuclear program in action. Why not just carpet bomb the whole earth in the name of peace?

        Oh, years have passed, they have not weened off iraqi oil. I agree Iran is a threat to middle east. So, is every other country who have weapons (not wmd).

        Can't wait for China to play big on world stage! Wanna see them bully other countries. It is a sleeping dragon.

    don't know why its a Predator drone, that head looks more like aliens..

    How would they know it was fired on if it wasn't hit?

      Drones are rippling with any number of sensors, including the old fave, Radar.
      Radar detects threat.
      Computer takes evasive action.
      Drone flies home.
      All this while sending out it's report back to base. "Hey guys, someone was trying to hit me"

      I wouldn't necessarily have to hit you for you to know I was trying to.

        You are so patient and kind. I get too blinded by rage to provide people with a clear honest explanation like that.

    "it’s had to imagine missing a Predator drone"
    Really, No pilot means it would be quite nimble. Why would they fire and miss on purpose anyway, more likely the Yanks are yanking it, as mentioned above?

      thing flies at less than 500 km/h flat out. pretty sure anything built since the start of WW2 could take one down.

      "No pilot means it would be quite nimble."
      That makes absolutely no sense. It's a spy drone. It is powered by a rear propeller, it's top speed is 217KM/h, it is fitted with zero weapons, It's a sitting duck.
      So yeah, it's nimble in comparison to a Snail, or maybe a Turtle, but not compared to a MiG.

        @brewhaus @nickmorgan
        Don't be ridiculous, jets can't slow down to that speed easily and if they did they wouldn't have the inertia to quickly turn and bank. This thing could easily do quite abrupt manoeuvres and keep it up. The only way that a jet would get this thing is from a distance and from the report I think we can assume that didn't happen and nor did they use rockets or missiles. In close quarters it would be able to dance around them.

        You ever heard of G force? Yeah, humans can't really handle more than 9 of them which imposes limits on our ability to turn high speed aircraft. A pilot-less aircraft has no such limits.

        I'm not saying this craft is capable of out-manoeuvring these jets, but certainly it's makes lots of sense in regards to a pilot-less craft being able to out-manoeuvre the same craft being piloted by a human.

    If a war did start, the US wouldn't have to worry about anything. 'cos you kinda have to hit your target to win...

      Iran though has already succeeded in shooting one down they even had photos of if all over the media. Then strangely Iran came up with there own drones months later.

    Anyone who thinks the USA is not planning to invade Iran I have one word for you


    google it and see whats going on and why Iran will probably have a US invasion on their hands within 24 months

    So everyone has flown predators (or similar planes for comparison), and knows how they react. sure....

    Agree, it is about as nimble as a snail.... The only reason an Iranian fighter missed is because they didn't fire. or if so, it was just a warning shot.....
    Remember Might is right, if there is a drone and a fighter jet, the drone gives way every time....

    International airspace, non-cooperative enemy military aircraft... it is the law of the jungle. Eat or grow teeth....

    "We don’t fly these things to photograph fish."
    -Indeed, "we" don't fly them at all. The Americans do.

    But lets look at this whole thing from a slightly different angle. A Chinese drone is detected 13 miles off the coast of Florida. Maybe it strays into U.S. airspace. Maybe it doesn't, but the Americans think it did. Or maybe they just think it's too close for comfort. What would you expect them to do? I'd imagine that their first response would be to fire off a few warning shots, it the hope that it would back the f*ck off. Why should anyone expect the Iranians to behave differently?

    Don't violate their airspace and your drones won't get shot down. What would happen if an Iranian drone flew into American airspace ?

    It would be shot down.

    So what's the problem ?

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