Internet's Cutest Dog Endorses World's Dumbest Headphones

Boo the Dog, for whom a large portion of the web has a zeal that borders on sexual, just became the latest shill in the Beats by Dre money machine. Reminder: this animal makes more money than you do.

There's no word as to whether you'll be able to buy tiny dog-sized headphones like the ones Boo is modelling, and if so, if they will be as overpriced and lame as the human equivalent. But we do know what songs Boo listens to on these cans, as shared on Facebook:

morning alarm: abc ... jackson 5 afternoon stroll: good day sunshine ... the beatles naptime: dream ... priscilla ahn serenade for buddy: the way i am ... ingrid michaelson serenade for human: "c" is for cookie ... cookie monster

RIP Boo. [Boo the Dog's Facebook Internet Page]

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