Infamous 15-Year Old Hacker Banned From Internet For Six Years

Cosmo the God, teen leader of a hacker collective that fell second only to Anonymous in terms of notoriety, just got a whopper of a court sentence: six years without any computers or internet.

Wired's Mat Honan reports Cosmo, who resides in Long Beach, California, and had organised attacks against targets from 4chan to the CIA, is in serious trouble:

"He cannot use the internet without prior consent from his parole officer. Nor will he be allowed to use the internet in an unsupervised manner, or for any purposes other than education-related ones. He is required to hand over all of his account logins and passwords. He must disclose in writing any devices that he has access to that have the capability to connect to a network. He is prohibited from having contact with any members or associates of UG Nazi or Anonymous, along with a specified list of other individuals. He had to forfeit all the computers and other items seized in the raid on his home."

That's a hacker death sentence. It's also doubtful he'll make it that far without violating the probation. I'd talked to Cosmo for months following his initial arrest this past summer, and he repeatedly found ways to get online, even after his gear had been seized. When he couldn't talk to me himself, he had a friend act as a proxy. The Internet is the kid's home -- manipulating it is what he's good at. And asking him to completely sever himself from it for over half a decade -- will he even recognise it by then? -- seems impossible with anything less than shackles or a ticket to Siberia. At any rate, scratch another capable hacker off the list -- it's getting pretty lonely out there. [Wired]



    yeah not going to happen... he's probably just going to move to a country that can say F*** YOU MERICA! if they try to do anything... so definitely not NZ then XD

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      ummm, he's 15. he doesn't move until his parents tell him he's moving.

        He'll be 18 with still half of his sentence left to go - That makes him a full adult in a fair few places

          He'll be an adult with multiple felony convictions, emigration options will be somewhat curtailed.

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    Why be sympathetic though?

    Yea, its harsh. But it's probation, not any kind of serious 'hard time'.

    Just 'cause you have access to the web doesn't mean self-entitled to hack stuff.

    Why don't these hackers ever find out anything interesting ? It's always kids stuff and internet pop culture like UFOS, Facebook passwords and writing the word "POOP" on the FBI website. Big frickin' deal.

    I like how the Wired journo, who no doubt was able to talk to Cosmo through promises of confidentiality, now proudly announces how easy he was able to breach his bail. Story is over, so cash in on it as much as you can hey? Journalistic integrity has always been a paradox I guess.

    "He is prohibited from having contact with any members or associates of UG Nazi or Anonymous"

    Ummm. . . members of Anonymous don't really disclose who they are. . . that's why they're Anonymous. . . how the hell is this kid supposed to prohibit himself from having contact with members of Anonymous if nobody knows who is a member of Anonymous anyways. . .

    This sounds strangely familiar.. Something something zero cool something crash override..

    This day and age it's kinda hard to do anything with out the internet being used in someway.

      The Amish would probably disagree

    I either imagine his laptop with like chains around it or that he had the same reaction like that fake internet video of when the kids wow subscription was canceled by his parents.

    15 year old kid? NO PORN FOR HIM!

      Pretty sure it's still available in magazine form.

    Punkass script kiddie. Idiot deserves what he gets - if you love & respect technology, find a way to do something meaningful with it.
    Don't piss all over everything in your little teen angst like you're tagging in the streets.
    And he can't pretend it's some hacktivist modus he was operating under - what 15 year old even understands issues worth taking that kind of action over?
    When his probation is over, things will have changed, and hopefully so will he enough to be a positive force.

      He used social engineering to hack websites and accounts. Not any shit that you just said. Do some research before you make yourself look like a dumb ass.

    Hackers (1995) anyone?

    Kid breaks the law and gets punished.... and you're sympathetic?

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