If You're Buying A $200 iPad From A Stranger At A Petrol Station, At Least Look At It First

Some things just sound too good to be true, like dirt cheap Apple products for instance. It generally turns out that it's because they are, as an unfortunate Texas woman found out after purchasing an "iPad" from a stranger at a gas station for $US200. She got a pretty sweet mirror though.

It should say that no one is going to be offering you a cool 75 per cent discount on an $US800 tablet for kicks. Instead, the mirror she was actually buying was marked up somewhere around 4000 per cent. The mirror was wrapped in paper to appear as an iPad, but a cursory glance should have been able to set things straight.

By the time the woman and her sister opened the box and noticed their horrible but really-totally-obvious mistake, the friendly, travelling gas-station iPad reseller had already beat a fast retreat. This isn't the first time this sort of thing has happened, but this case takes naivety to new heights. At least the new device will help it's owner learn what a sucker looks like. [Yahoo! via Chris Gayomali]

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