I'd Be Honoured If This Beautiful, Slow-Motion Cheetah Killed Me

There are a lot of fine ways to die, and today I have discovered one which would be as beautiful as it would be terrifying: getting chased down by this Cheetah that the Discovery Channel captured in slow motion. This video is a must watch.

Using insanely sophisticated high-speed camera rigs, a National Geographic team tracked a Cheetah as it belted across a field.

If you watch it closely, you can see that it's not exactly running, it's more leaping forward with deadly precision.

Your day isn't complete until you've watched this video. [The Ark In Space]



    Wow. That is incredible.

    Anyone notice how the head didn't move forward or sideways or anything, it was just in the same place perfectly the whole time. Awesome

      That was the first thing I noticed

    Just how I used to run at school

    If you watch it closely, you can see that it’s not exactly running, it’s more leaping forward

    Humans run the same way. Both feet are off the ground mid stride making it look like a leap if viewed in slow motion.

    Can I download this Cheetah?? Link pls

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