I Want A MasterCard With An LCD Screen And Touchscreen Keypad

You can have your black card and your credit card carved out of adamantium (just kidding, I would really like that); the only credit card I want is MasterCard's Display Card. MasterCard has been testing the card that comes with a LCD and touchscreen keypad for some time and has now introduced it in Singapore.

MasterCard says the added tech is for security: users can generate a one-time password as an authentication security measure.

Here's MasterCard:

At present, banking institutions that necessitate a higher level of security for their online banking services require the use of a separate authentication token or device. The innovative 2-in-1 device, which combines the functionality of a standard payment card with a state-of-the-art security token, currently reflects the customer's OTP. In future, this card could incorporate additional functionalities and be able to indicate other real time information such as available credit balance, loyalty or reward points, recent transactions, and other interactive information.

I'm in the camp of throwing a LCD screen and touchscreen keypad on as much things as you can. I don't even really care about the security function, I just like staring at screens. [MasterCard via CNET]



    This I very interesting concept allowing someone to telesign in a transaction or payment with the OTP. I'm hoping that more companies start to offer this awesome functionality.

    How long does the battery last.

      And how do you charge it?

        I'd suggest a tiny solar array behind the LCD probably charges it, like a solar calculator.

          Its more likely that it charges through the smart chip in it.

            you mean receives a charge whenever it's put into an ATM?

              It lives in your dark wallet the majority of the time.... solar is useless.

                Ever noticed a solar calculator only works.....when you use it in the light, rather than in your drawer....

                  Ever noticed that a solar calculator also has a battery in it.

    Well it's not much different from an RSA token, so they don't really need to be recharged and I guess the banks could just make it so that you have to get your card reissued once the battery runs out to prevent people messing around with the card.

    So we'll see this in Australia in about ten years then... :)

      Yeh, even then you will probably have to pay for this credit card with another credit card..... !

      Same as chips on cards... That was standard in the UK 15 years ago.

    How is that a "touchscreen" keypad?
    So it's a little RSA-token-like LCD & a "keypad". Not a "touchscreen keypad". The keypad is not a screen, although - as Casey deos imply - you can touch it.
    Hmmm it's getting dark so I might hit my retina multitouch touchscreen ordinary lightswitch.

    Third world wants, man... How can one possibly live without this?

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