I Only Ever Want To Tour Europe Via UAV Drone

I dare anyone to tour around Europe for any stretch of time and tell me it's not beautiful. Austria especially is gorgeous. The beautiful architecture set to the snow-capped mountainous backdrop? I want to go back there right now. Thankfully, I have this tour of the medieval town of Lienz to tide me over.

One of the residents of Lienz made this video with by mounting his camera on — you guessed it — an unmanned aerial drone and flew it around some of the more scenic areas.

Truth be told, I expected to see Ezio Auditore running around the rooftops at one stage. [YouTube]


    That felt like 80% of a twilight movie

    New Tourism Campaigns done by UAV Drones.

    Was waiting for the background voice of 'Big Sky, this is Central - you are clear to engage all targets. Commence firing run...'.

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