How Guys Talk To Cute Girls On OKCupid

Online dating, like real-life dating, can get a little skeevy, because people are lame and pervy. So to see the type of lame and pervy responses that a cute girl would get while on a dating service like OKCupid, a guy created a fake profile with a picture of a cute girl and BATSHIT INSANE CRAZY information. How did the guys take it? They loved it!

Rob Fee from Mandatory made sure to make "her" profile as idiotic and unappealing as possible, littering it with typos, racism, criminal activities and picking the most inane hobbies and interests ("2 and one half men" and "bon jorvi" and "yolo"). If people actually read the profile, they would think this "girl" wasn't right in the head and that they should stay far away from her. But of course the profile racked up views and 39 messages in six hours.

So, right, maybe people skipped the profile and just went guns blazing when they saw "her" picture. But Fee continued to stress the crazy in "her" messages:

In other messages, Fee responded that she needs to get her arm refitted, that she was sexually friendly with her cousin, that she's a part-time prostitute, and yet the guys kept continuing the conversations in hopes of meeting IRL. It's like they will ignore all the flaws and red flags as long as the person on the other side of the screen is a cute girl. Or I guess as long as there is a picture of a cute girl on the other side of the screen. Read more about the hilarious OKCupid experiment here. [Mandatory]



    I hope all those guys find someone. And I hope they never find out their loneliness has been abused like this.

      I'm picking you didn't use an alias when you replied to her @james?

    Hot, single and sexually promiscuous. That's really going to turn guys off.

    How is this any different to real life? It's just the same as girls dating ar****les, or guys going after attractive women regardless of brains.

    Seriously stay away from crazy women, or you end up with kitchen knife shaped scars across where your heart is (litterally).

      I know they say common sense isn't common, but that seems like common sense to me.

        Didnt know she was that crazy till it was too late lol

    Hopeless as a potential wife but when my dick sees crazy, it knows it's in for a treat.

    if i talked to someone who gave replies like that i wouldnt change how i was talking to her. I would keep it up just to see what kinda crazy f****d up s**t she would say.

    Probably worth mentioning that the link may not be safe for work.

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