How A Reddit Rage Comic Saved A Man's Life

Four days ago, the rage comic above was posted to Reddit by CappnPoopdeck. It described the true story of her friend, a man who decided to try his ex-girlfriend's pregnancy test himself. To his surprise and confusion, the results came back positive. Funny? Sure, sort of. But Reddit commenters also quickly noted a symptom of a potentially deadly disease.

As it turns out -- and as many Redditors hastened to warn CappnPoopdeck -- a male positive pregnancy test could be a sign of testicular cancer. Med student and Reddit user Wecancallmeb explains:

OP should absolutely see his physician to be safe. Pregnancy tests are based on levels of human chorionic gonadotropin which is produced by the placenta, but in a male it can be elevated by testicular cancer.

When CappnPoopdeck noticed all of the comments about cancer on her comic, she immediately told her friend, who went and got himself checked out right away. Low and behold, as the follow-up comic notes, he had a small tumour. While it's probably a bad idea to crowdsource important medical diagnoses, it sure is a good thing that the people of Reddit were able to sound the alarm when they noticed something fishy was up. [Reddit via CBC via Twitter]


    Internet - 1
    Cancer - 0

      Internet - 1
      Cancer - Billions

    Follow up link is using a "mailto:" reference..

    Well, it's probably not "billions" for Cancer, but it's certainly a lot. In the 10's of millions for sure.

      Who knows, cancer has been around long before anyone knew what it was.

      The earning curve of the cancer industry is quite steep. I would be thinking annual billions and more like orders of magnitudes of trillions would flow through it globally by now.
      I would be interested in actual figures. I am not particularly surprised that such statistics aren't well known.

        Interestingly, in the US last I checked, and probably AU as well, the Cancer Foundations are the richest charities on the planet, pulling in hundreds of millions in donations a year.

        Somehow, yet to find a single cure.

        And what is mind boggling is how much of this 'money to find a cure' goes towards bankrupting all of these people who come out say that their [insert any of the millions of treatments for cancer here]. Because, you fool, those aren't safe, but chemo therapy, the generally only allowed-to-be-promoted cure, is safe.

        This is why statistics are not known. Because keeping you a fool is good business.

    GONADotropin? Awesome.

      Learn some biology. The root of that word is exactly what you think it is.

    Also pregnancy tests used past their expiary date alway read positive.

      No they don't, the test doesn't know when it expires and the expiry date given on the test is within the fairly large margin of error of several years.

    Rage comics are what ruined reddit. Apart from r/atheism

    Yo, it's "lo and behold".

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