Highly Scientific, Medically Detailed Discussion Of Why Men Get Morning Wood

Yeah, you've woken up with it or been woken up by it. But despite what you might think, morning wood isn't caused by dirty, sexy dreams. It's actually just nature's way of protecting the penis.

While in REM sleep, your body turns off some neurotransmitters to regulate body functions. And one of those neurotransmitters, orepinephrine, is the one in charge of stopping erections. Basically, when REM decreases the Norepinephrine levels, testosterone is free to pump blood into the area and cause your sleep erection. In addition to making for wonderful middle school jokes, morning wood is actually important because it pushes extra oxygen into the region, and helps keep your penis healthy and functional.

Alternatively, if you've got a full bladder when you go to bed, it can bump up against your spine and automatically give you an erection to stop you from wetting the bed.

So there you have it! Sleep erections are like defragging your penis. [ASAP Science]

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    "So there you have it! Sleep erections are like defragging your penis."

    comment of the day lol

    however speaking of things that get screwed... whats up with the desktop giz site? link mappings and reply boxes seem broken? since roughly when the "new" mobile site went live...

      Just looked at reply boxes and see new things to test so this is my test.

      Quoting self


      Rare IRL lol

    I always thought it was to stop you rolling out of bed!

      Yeah, it's the human body's built-in kickstand!

    This article is precisely why I read Giz, hilarious unexpected science!

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