Here's The New Stuff You'll Get With iOS 6.1

The beta version of iOS 6.1 is out, which means the real deal will be yours for the downloading soon-ish. Get a load of all the kinda-minor updates you'll be enjoying and/or freaking out over, right now.

Siri, unfortunately, still requires that you talk to her like she's a half-deaf child, and she often responds like one too. Beta, beta, beta. Apple Maps, lightning rod of vanishing restaurants and whining, now includes an option to report any problems you're having with the service. On the one hand, this is nice, in that maybe it will help Apple get its shit together. On the other hand — Apple, are you kidding? Fix your own maps for the devices we paid hundreds of dollars for. We're not your beta testers.

Finally, the icons on the lock screen's music controls have been spaced out and are certainly more comfortable to use. The little virtual reflection effect has been added to the volume slider too.

The revolution is now. We'll let you know as soon as iOS 6.1 is official and open to the public.

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