Here's The New Stuff You'll Get With iOS 6.1

The beta version of iOS 6.1 is out, which means the real deal will be yours for the downloading soon-ish. Get a load of all the kinda-minor updates you'll be enjoying and/or freaking out over, right now.

Siri, unfortunately, still requires that you talk to her like she's a half-deaf child, and she often responds like one too. Beta, beta, beta. Apple Maps, lightning rod of vanishing restaurants and whining, now includes an option to report any problems you're having with the service. On the one hand, this is nice, in that maybe it will help Apple get its shit together. On the other hand — Apple, are you kidding? Fix your own maps for the devices we paid hundreds of dollars for. We're not your beta testers.

Finally, the icons on the lock screen's music controls have been spaced out and are certainly more comfortable to use. The little virtual reflection effect has been added to the volume slider too.

The revolution is now. We'll let you know as soon as iOS 6.1 is official and open to the public.



    The button to report a maps issue is larger, but not new, it was in 6.0.
    On a map, when you flip up, it's tiny text. When you click on a point of interest though and flip up, it's a button.

      I reported a bunch of problems using this (ie towns miles from where they should be, businesses in the wrong state etc) in the days after iOS6 came out. Not 1 thing has been fixed.

        Ditto. Maybe they are sitting in someones inbox as they rock themselves to sleep, crying. There really is a /lot/ wrong in my area. I'm not sure where they pulled their data from but it's a mess.
        There are some great things in Maps, but if you can't use it, it's a pain.

        Last edited 10/11/12 12:32 pm

    I bet that report problem button in Apple Maps will get a fair bit of use amirite?

    I know it's a little thing, but the lock screen music controls are a nice tweak.

    Please remove the half deaf child comment its hard for parents with children that have this issue and it may make their day a little harder. Couldn't you think of something a little more funny like the cone of silence from get smart the movie.

      whilst your heart is in the right place, do we really need to become so bland and politically correct that everything is censored so as to not cause offence, I'm sure parents of deaf children regardless the percentage of their childes hearing loss are able to take the comment in the spirit it was intended.

        no, this isn't political correctness gone mad, but a neccessary change in behaviour needed for the betterment of society. Journalists in particular should be responsible for what they say given the influence they have over the rest of us. Sure, you may not mean any harm when you say things like "that's retarded" or you talk about a disability flippantly, but what you say has a real impact on people out there in the world. You wouldn't make racist comments in jest, so why should it be acceptable to make comments about disability? Maybe you'd feel differently if you had a child that was being teased at school, or if you'd felt persecuted throughout your own life for something you had no control over.

          Pfft, I'm physically disfigured and I know how to handle shit from others. Eat some concrete.

      My brothers fully deaf, I can talk to him like a half deaf child all day and still get better results than Siri.

        Actually, my favorite thing to say when people ask me about my family "I have an older brother, he's deaf... I don't talk to him."... The reaction is normally "Oh, why don't you talk to him". In which I reply "He's deaf..." lol. Get's 'em every time.

      I was a half deaf child and now a half deaf adult and i found no offence in this. If anything i found it a humorous look at the issue, if you have a deaf child and it caused you offence then i can understand your issue but you probably should't assume to speak for all people

    will 3GS phones get this update?

      Yes they have 6.0 but they won't get Siri.

    "On the other hand — Apple, are you kidding? Fix your own maps for the devices we paid hundreds of dollars for. We’re not your beta testers."

    What a primitive and ridiculous looking way of looking at it. First of all, it's there if you WANT to report something. Pretty sure they're not only going to fix what's been reported. Second of all, it's WORLDWIDE MAPS. No matter how long it spends unreleased and worked on, nothing will be 100% until it's given to the millions of people who use it. In fact, it would be incredibly stupid of them NOT to have a report button. Not to mention that you bought the device knowing the maps were in beta. It wasn't a damn hidden secret until you took it out of the box and Siri said "Surprise! Beta Maps!"

    I'd hardly call these features

      It's Beta 1, and there are probably a lot of behind the scenes changes & fixes.

      Here's a couple of things people on Macrumours forums have found:

    Or how about including the option to automatically mute an iDevice during given times, I know you can buy an app to do this, but it seems IOS updates really contain no useful add ons.

      you can do this mate:

      It's called Do Not Disturb

      Last edited 09/11/12 1:40 pm

        MUTE. Not do not diturb; MUTE.

          Yikes what's the diff if there's no calls or notifications allowed the. It'll be silent

            just because you want it silent doesnt mean you dont want any calls, just no noise

    Everything bar iPhoto works fine for me on 5.1.1.. no plans to upgrade till I have to and I can live without iPhoto for now.

    I don't trust iOS updates.

      iOS 6 definitely makes safari better, if you use it a lot , you may wish to give it a try.

    More 6.1 info here:

    Debating updating to 6.0.1 now in case 6.1 comes out then the JB 6.0.1 and not 6.1. Anyone know how likely this is? Right now I'm on 5.1.

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