Handcuff Key Cufflinks Would Get James Bond Out Of Any Lock-Up

Seemingly targeted at dapper globe-trotting spies, or wealthy perpetrators of corporate crimes, these stylish Sparrow Uncuff Links feature a handcuff secretly incorporated into their design. Except that it's not so secret. How long is it really going to take for super-villain henchmen or law enforcement to recognise that distinctive telling keyhole logo on the cufflinks? Not very.

With a pre-order price of $US60 the Uncuff Links aren't terribly expensive either, at least to someone who wears cufflinks every day and is funded by MI6. But its creators should really consider making an alternate version for blue collar felons. A handcuff key hidden in a can of Coors Light or a pack of Marlboros would be just as effective. [Sparrows via OhGizmo! via BoingBoing]

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