Håkan Lidbo (And 56 Other Producers): The World Record Record

Ah, yes, the internet: wondrous world of colaboration! But is it possible that too much collaboration can turn a project into a muddled mess of confusion? That's exactly what producer Håkan Lidbo set out to find out with "The World Record Record" — His attempt, with the help fo 56 other producers, at breaking the Guinness World Record for the most composers on a single musical work.

"The World Record Record" is a funky six-minute electronic track that, as you might expect, moves through several moods throughout. Lidbo initiated the process by giving his 56 collaborators a snippet of bars or a prompt and asking them to elaborate it for the larger work. The pieces were then all reassembled, mastered, and released to the public and the judging committee for scrutiny. We don't yet know whether or not this track will be the next world record holder, but it's a mind-bending tune either way. This is what 57 brains working randomly together sounds like. [Create Digital Music]

Image: Markus Gann/ Shutterstock

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