Google Nexus 4 Sells Out In Less Than An Hour

Thank God Google isn't selling the Nexus 4 in a physical store just yet. The stampede we've seen over the afternoon would have likely seen someone killed. The long-awaited Nexus went up on the Australian Google Play store today at around midday, and as quick as you like, the device was gone.

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We were seriously impressed with the new Nexus when we went hands-on a week ago, and clearly so was the gadget-loving horde that swooped in to the Google Play Store this afternoon.

The Nexus 4 was so popular that a it reportedly sold out within the hour.

We've got word in with Google Australia to find out just how fast the Nexus 4 disappeared from the virtual shelves and to find out when there will be more on offer. In the meantime, you can stare longingly at that "Notify Me When Available" page.

Did you snag a Nexus 4?



    Does anyone know when Google stats selling N4 in Australia again ?
    any confirmed news ?

    $570 + P&H. How much u want one?

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      did you even read the ebay ad?

    Got my 16GB, but missed out on one of the bumpers. Can't seem to find any bumpers online by third party's either :/

    Sent Gizmodo an email right after my purchase, the 16GB sold out in approximately 14 minutes.

    Any article about the Nokia Lumia 920 presales opening today?

    Nup no notification either. Whats the point in registering then not notiying potential customers? No notify = No buy and right now I'll put my dollars into something else. Very dissapointed Google.

    I signed up for a notification but didn't get one, luckily I was checking every 30 minutes or so and when I checked at 12:20 and it was available I nabbed a 16GB version for myself.

    I didn't bother with the bumper as I don't really drop my phone that often and my previous 2 Nexus's survived drops just fine (lets see if the glass back makes me regret that decision)

    no frickin notification & i had the credit card ready to go......registered as soon as I heard the nexus 4 was coming out, lift ya fuckin game google...

    Seriously google, next time give an exact time. Preferably with a time zone attached so we know when to check.

    Your notification system doesnt work.

    Had to put a "bright side" spin on this - else I cry!
    At least any glitches, be they hardware or soft, shall be experienced by these so-called lucky few.
    Then we can get our hands on the perfected versions!!

    Managed to snag an 8GB by chance. Received an email saying: "You will not be charged until your order has shipped." My card has been charged already.

    The order confirmation came from Google Singapore.

    Why send notifications if they sold out so quickly without it?
    They will send out a notification when there is more stock, first wave of stock is just to stir people.

    It's just a phone, no need to get so shitty about it

    Google seriously failed here.

    I know people who stayed up in anticipation of a midnight launch. Nothing.
    How did they have so little stock available? I've been refreshing all day and haven't seen so much as a hint as to when more will be available.

    I'm not childish enough to say that this has turned me off Google, but I can honestly say I haven't been this disappointed in a product launch since CoD: Black Ops (got it home after the midnight launch and the damn thing kept crashing persistently. I couldn't play the freakin' thing until the third patch).

      Uhhh ....... you weren't meant to stay up til midnight Australian time????

      Might wanna use this next time:

        Except that Google never specified it would be GMT. Many who were super keen stayed up to see.

        The email notification would've been nice.

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          I guess I did because they are US based, so why would it be advertising Australian time on a non-Australian website.

            agreed. smarter to assume GMT than AEDT

    Seems like I was VERY lucky to get 1. I just randomly logged on at lunch while waiting for a ride. Only wanted a 8 GB 1, it was available, so I bought it and went about my day. Now I read all this...

    They are still available - hitting Ctrl & F5 several times I put 1 n4 16GB in my cart and paid for it! (12:30pm Central)

    Does this mean no more will ever sold again in australia?

    In other news, Apple ignores the Nexus 4, instead tries to get the original HTC Nexus banned from sale. An apple legal representative said that they will go after the Nexus 4 in a few years when their patent for an iPhone 5-like device is granted and the Nexus 4 has been superseded by a better, faster, cheaper and longer lasting phone.

    Haaaa ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa .. I got mine at 1:15pm! Suck shit :D

    It still cracks me up that people who wanted one waited on notification emails and didn't take into account GMT time.

    The product pages are now officially showing SOLD OUT, after saying 'coming soon' since this time yesterday.

    any news from google as to when the next batch is going to be available?

    I was a bit stupid. Logged on to Play Store, saw it was available, thought, "cool, must go back and have a look closer in a bit". Went back to site hour or so later and all gone. Doh.

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