Google Nexus 4 Sells Out In Less Than An Hour

Thank God Google isn't selling the Nexus 4 in a physical store just yet. The stampede we've seen over the afternoon would have likely seen someone killed. The long-awaited Nexus went up on the Australian Google Play store today at around midday, and as quick as you like, the device was gone.

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We were seriously impressed with the new Nexus when we went hands-on a week ago, and clearly so was the gadget-loving horde that swooped in to the Google Play Store this afternoon.

The Nexus 4 was so popular that a it reportedly sold out within the hour.

We've got word in with Google Australia to find out just how fast the Nexus 4 disappeared from the virtual shelves and to find out when there will be more on offer. In the meantime, you can stare longingly at that "Notify Me When Available" page.

Did you snag a Nexus 4?



    I got one by fluke. It was a pretty random release time by Google!

    The 8gb was up for around an hour, the 16gb was gone in about 20 minutes.

      the Nexus 4 16Gb was already out by 9:20am WST, and out of stock before 9:45am WST 13/11/2012

      Wow, that's quick. Understandable for an impressive phone at such a compelling price.

      I jagged one too, well I have a receipt so I hope I have, I was also going to login at 6pm tonight, there have been lots of 'chinese whispers' going around re the release time.

      How much was postage?

        I paid $19.99 to be posted to Melb. Not sure if it's different for anywhere else.

          I was lucky enough to order one, any idea when it will delivered? Im in Melbourne also

            Well the FedEx web site says 15/11/12 @5:00pm here's hoping that's correct. Check your email, you should have been sent a tracking code as well.

      I think it was a good move on Google's part. The last thing they want is 1,000,000 customers all trying to order at the same time and crashing the store site.

      There will be more available, just wait it out for a few days.

    i thought it was going to happen 6-7pm today which is when 00.00 13th us time. I only found out when i saw facebook/g+ posts

    I called Google and they told me 'I doubt it has sold out already.. When the Nexus 7 went on sale they sold out and people could still order them. To avoid this happening it might be just a precaution on the website, to proces orders and then have another release'.

    She did say that she was from Google US and didn't have access to the information as it wasn't available yet.

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    Seriously annoyed, stepped out for lunch, came back, and they've come and gone. It would be nice if Google were a little more transparent about this. I don't think anybody even got the email they signed up for.

      Yep you're right.. no notification email. It still hasn't come and they already sold out!

        Rewarding the diehards who refresh constantly! That's how I got my Nokia Lumia 920!

        same here, check before and after, no go :(

        Their notifications are broken and do not work.

        I sat there pressing refreshing all morning. I never saw the 16gb ones on sale. The 8gb ones showed up.

        Any idea when they actually went on sale?

      Yep, very annoyed. I thought that they would be on sale this morning before I went to work, so I checked, and then I thought that they must have stuffed up and put a US date on there, so I waited for midnight US time and now I see this before that time comes. Bugger.

      Spot on, very pissed! I signed up weeks ago and never received an email letting me know. Google WTF is the point of providing such a service when you don't even full-fill it? What shits me though is when you don't want to be marketed crap you cop it left right and centre. When you do want to be marketed something or information to buy something and request it you don;t hear boo and they leave you alone. Seriously shits me.

      Yep, never got an email. SERIOUSLY annoyed because I had already sold my Galaxy S III over eBay and I think I should refund now.

    Not even a notification :(
    Dammit Google, pick up your game.

    This is seriously poor work from Google. I had my name down to be notified about the release of the phone and heard nothing about the Nexus 4. I didn't know what time it would be released, although I was on the store at 9:05 and it wasn't available. This has been a disastrously poorly organised release, with the phone going only to those lucky enough to log on at the right time. Get your head in the game Google.

    Apparently, the ones that got sold have sprung up on eBay for double the price.

    Not sure the "Notify Me" page will help - I had both of my usual email addresses registered and neither one of them received an email.
    There was also no way of knowing what time the device would be available - checked at midnight and constantly throughout the day but still missed it...

    I didn't get an e-mail from google either. Plus I doubt they restricted how many each person could order.

    It's only a matter of time before people looking to make fast money put these up on ebay for $500+

    This is really unfair Google - what about a pre-order like, oh I don't know, every other gadget company in the world does!

    This single event is enough to make me jump ship to Windows Phone 8 or something. It would be great if google can show some respect for customers that ask to be notified first. Everyone of those "notify me when available" e-mails should have been treated as a pre-order. POOR FORM Google :(

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      Not everyone who wants to know when the phone is out wants to buy it you fucktard.

        But ALOT of people did want to buy it, and they didn't get an email they signed up for... It'd feel a bit like Google just wanted to add your email address to their massive database, you dumbcunt.

        Just like not everyone wants to know when that heart transplant they've been waiting on has arrived, right?

        I know it's not the same thing and you'd want a new ticker more than a new phone, but it's essentially a waiting list that got ignored.

    Got my 16G NX4 ... luckily... i had my name down for the notification email too... but to be fair im sure they might not have had enough units to go around for each and every email notification request... having faced this situation before with other online purchases, i kept an eye out for when it goes on sale.. and it paid off. im sure every one will get their notification according to regional availability of units..

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    Vowed not to have lunch until I ordered it. It came around at about 12:20pm (weird time) and I also signed up for the notify me, of which I am still waiting on a notification. I was up last night at midnight too to see if they had a midnight release. I guess the most important thing is that I got it.

    we managed to get 2 N4's and an N10 between my mates and myself...i tried at midnight last night hoping that it would work, then just randomly opened the play page at 12.15pm today, and VOILA

    Now the Nexus 10 32GB is showing the same... maybe an update to the article is in order? :)

    when i go to the webstore it still says coming soon?? Does it say sold out for others?

      It said "Add to cart" for a couple of hours between 1215 to 1515. It has since reverted to the "Coming soon" again, after the units have sold out.

        "for a couple of hours"? Good joke. Try 22 minutes

    Ordered a Nexus 4 (16Gb). I went onto the page at around 12.30pm and saw that they were available. Didn't think they would sell out that quickly.

    Like @puddiepants said we don't know how many there were to begin with. I'm sure most of them would have been left back in the US.

    Lol at everyone getting excited and wasting their money on what is and will always be an LG PHONE!!!

      We're not buying it for the brand - that's what Apple fanboys do. We're buying it for the "Nexus".

      I think LG have upped their game for this one. With Google looking over your shoulder, I think the pressure was always going to be there for improvement. Time will tell, but at the end of the day, there isn't too much to lose at this price point :-)

      My current Galaxy Nexus has been (and still is) mind-blowing. If the press reviews are to be trusted, the LG Nexus betters the Galaxy Nexus significantly.

        Just want to point out, 'Nexus' is a brand.

          The "Nexus" brand though means the whole pure Android experience thing. That's what they are after, not the brand itself.

            To be fair its no different to people wanting the whole pure Apple experience thing,

          LG is the brand. Nexus is the model.

            I disagree Nexus is a brand in itself. the Nexus 4 is seen as the successor to the Galaxy Nexus not LG's various phones.

        So Samsung fanboys don't do that? I get customers telling me they are holding off for the galaxy s4 before they upgrade and that hasnt even been announced yet, fanboyism isnt exclusive.

      OMG not an LG, heaven forbid. Still a good price for some powerful hardware dude.

      Don't knock Leo Goldstar. Bout the only time 2 crap brands came together to make something decent.

    Actually it sold out in approx 22mins. BTW 4.2 update is releasing now OTA. Might aswell report on that Giz.

    I managed to get a 16 GB, I was actually just checking my usual lunchtime (mid day) pages and managed to snag one (thought I should check just in case), I thought they would go on sale at midnight so I stayed up last night to be disappointed. Luckily though they sold out, I wonder how many units they had in stock. I noticed that Australia is handled by Google in Asia so maybe a lot of the sales have been in Asia and as such hindered "our" stock numbers.

      Nexus 4 is not available anywhere in Asia through Play store. It is currently available in US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany and Spain. In Asia, LG could be selling them directly through their normal sales channels.

    When I checked only the 8GB was available, oh well bought one anyway. Called up Google and asked about the Nexus 7 3G, apparently Australia is not part of initial launch.... Whhhhhaaaaaatttttt?

      It's on the system at the Dick Smith last I checked, looks like we'll have them in a few weeks if all goes well, you should be able to do a customer order

        On which system??

    Why is no one making a big deal about the fact it has a glass back? The Android fanboys were out in full force calling it out on the iPhone 4 and 4s a couple years ago but not on this phone?

    Looks like a decent phone for 400 though.

      haha yeah I noticed that, and if your break your nexus I doubt you'll be able to pick one up off ebay for under $10 like you can with the iphone.

        If you break the glass back you can easily unscrew it and replace it, unlike an iPhone.

        In any case, the glass back has been discussed in a lot of detail already.

          umm that's exactly like the iPhone, you remove two screws and replace it, it couldn't be simpler. My point is that with the iPhone you can get them for a few bucks on ebay, I doubt you'll be able to say the same about the Nexus 4 (price wise i mean), either way I'm still buying one as soon as more stock's available.

            iPhones don't have standard screws, granted I don't know what the nexus carries, but it's only so simple if that kit includes the pentalobe driver. Nevermind that the back also carries your serial number for warranty...

              Pentalobe screwdriver comes with the kit and the serial number is stored in the phone itself. nexus 4 does not use phillips either but rather a weird hexalobe.

    I missed it. Was sooooo excited about getting a Nexus 4 to replace my iPhone 5. I guess I'm gonna have to keep waiting. Grrrrrr!

      Your iPhone 5? Do you get a new phone every week?

        lol, Nah. I've had iPhones since the original iPhone that I got imported from the USA. I'm just soooooo board with the Apple iOS platform and this was gonna be my first Android handset. I would have kept both for a month to ensure I'm happy with the Nexus and then sold the one I don't want.

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