Gizmodo Awards 2012: Gadget Of The Year Nominations Now Open

This is the big one, readers. Submit your nominations here for the illustrious Gadget of the Year award!

What will it be? The Surface RT? iPhone 5? Dyson DC-44? Retina MacBook Pro? Fitbit One? The Raspberry Pi? Wii U?

Leave your nomination for Gadget of the Year in the comments. You can nominate as many devices as you like, as many times as you like! We'll roll out voting next week.

Don't forget to vote in any of the other categories, either.
Best Television Sony 4K? LG 4K? Sharp's 80-inch monster?
Best Mobile Broadband Telstra 4G? Optus 4G? Vodafone 3G+?
Best Broadband ISP iiNet? TPG? Telstra?
Best Mobile App Flipboard? TripView? Facebook?
Best Camera Olympus OM-D EM-5? Canon 650D? Sony NEX 5-R? Lytro?
Best Slate Tablet Nexus 7? Galaxy Note 10.1? iPad mini?
Best Convertible Tablet Asus Transformer? Dell XPS 12? Microsoft Surface RT? Padfone 2?
Best Mobile Phone iPhone 5? Lumia 920? Samsung Galaxy S III?
Best Laptops Razer Blade? Lenovo X1 Carbon? Retina MacBook Pro?
Gadget Of The Year The big one!



    The Lytro camera

    what are the criterias? does it have to be available to the public?
    if not, i will nominate google glass

    Leap Motion

      If that were released I'd have to agree.

        Developer kits are out. But I guess the official release is early next year. Some of the videos I have seen of them in the wild are pretty impressive!

    Macbook pro with retina display if the gadget has to be available

    Well if its doesn't have to be available to the public then I nominate the Mars Rover :D

      Okay, I have to second that :)

      Failing that something like the Raspberry Pi for being a game changer in it's space.

    Microsoft Surface for sure. It's innovative and clever. I'm 100% happy with mine one.

    Lumia 920 for bringing innovation to a stale phone industry. Upgrading the processor doesn't cut it any more.

    Surface rt. It finally offered a legitimate product in the tablet space. A product people may need rather than just a consumption luxury device.

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