Gizmodo Awards 2012: Best Mobile Phone Nominations Now Open

It's almost time to deck the halls in the lead up to the end of the year and that means we have the business of finding the best tech that 2012 had to offer. We want your nominations for the best of the best in mobile phones. Nominate your favourite now!

We want your nominations for the best mobile phone of the year. Was it the iPhone 5? The Samsung Galaxy Note II? The Google Nexus 4? The Samsung Galaxy S III, or even one of the Motorola RAZR phones?

Leave your nomination for best mobile phone in the comments. You can nominate as many devices as you like, as many times as you like! We'll roll out voting next week.

Don't forget to vote in any of the other categories, either.
Best Television Sony 4K? LG 4K? Sharp's 80-inch monster?
Best Mobile Broadband Telstra 4G? Optus 4G? Vodafone 3G+?
Best Broadband ISP iiNet? TPG? Telstra?
Best Mobile App Flipboard? TripView? Facebook?
Best Camera Olympus OM-D EM-5? Canon 650D? Sony NEX 5-R? Lytro?
Best Slate Tablet Nexus 7? Galaxy Note 10.1? iPad mini?
Best Convertible Tablet Asus Transformer? Dell XPS 12? Microsoft Surface RT? Padfone 2?
Best Mobile Phone iPhone 5? Lumia 920? Samsung Galaxy S III?
Best Laptops Razer Blade? Lenovo X1 Carbon? Retina MacBook Pro?
Gadget Of The Year The big one!



    Lumia 920


      (see what I did there?)
      Can't wait to get one tomorrow.

      Do you have one yet? I don't know if I could vote for a phone that is being delayed and not in my hands. So much for pre-ordering from Telstra...

      Yeah I agree with @dknigs in the fact that voting for something not yet released is a bit silly. Would be a fair vote if everyone had that chance to play with the 920 and decide after the fact.
      Personally I got a Nokia Lumia 800 this year and I absolutely loved the look but functionality let it down. Small and big issues really let it down. I had 2 handsets from Optus, both faulty product. Ended up cancelling the whole thing after the second faulty handset. But more than that there was issues such as really short battery life and the simple fact that when I made a call, the screen did not blank out as soon as my ear/head was in front of the front sensor to recognise i was on a call. Because of this i was constantly hanging up on calls because my ear would touch the 'end call' button on the screen. Also the button is placed on the screen up in the top third of the screen so likelyhood of accidental hang up because of your ear is higher than if the button was down near your cheek/chin etc like most smartphones.

      Sorry that turned into a 'worst phone experience of the year' rant. What i was trying to say was how can you vote for the 920 as the best phone without actually roadtesting it?

      Therefore my money is on iPhone 5 which is what I picked up after the 800. Had no issues since I got it and does everything i need easily....except give directions. ha, cant win them all.

    I have an iPhone 5, but I'm not sure I'd award it the best of 2012. It's a great device, but it has been plagued with hardware issues.

    Almost everything this year has felt like an incremental spec improvement, not incredible innovation.

    I'm going to have to nominate the 920 for at least trying to do something different. Colourful hardware, great camera, different platform.

    Well it's a given that the iPhone 5 will be a contender... lol. But I think it will either be that, the Nexus 4 or the Lumia 920. I'm hoping to see either of the latter 2 take it out; they're far more innovative than what the iPhone 5 has done in my opinion.

    Last edited 26/11/12 2:16 pm

      The only thing innovative about the Nexus 4 is the price!
      I wouldn't ever buy one for myself, and the weight sounds like a PITA but the 920 does look pretty.

    Lumia 920

    The others are great incremental upgrades, but nothing as technically ambitious as the 920 IMHO.


    Lumia 920 without a doubt!

    iPhone 5.

    Others might have had issues with theirs but mine has been rock solid. It's a very noticable upgrade from the iPhone 4S in terms of both performance and design. The 4S feels like a brick in my hand now compared to my light weight and skinny iPhone 5.

    HTC One X for sure.

      -5 guys are apple fanbois. I love my HTC One XL. Easily the best piece of hardware I've ever owned (and I've had some sweet desktops and laptops). Everything works great (If you're in a 4G network area. The 3G fall-back is a bit shite. But that's probably the fault of the network provider, not the hardware)

      Last edited 01/12/12 9:49 pm

    Lumia 920!

    iOS is really hurting the iphones, I've had one since inception and these last few months have been met with the most frustration. I think it's time for a change.

    Anything but ip5

    Lumia 920 ftw

    My vote is definately for the Lumia 920, superb phone. My iPhone friends just keep grumbling about their experience, while my phone powers ahead.

    No mention of Nokia 920!? Not even one WP8 device in your little blurb!? Even the HTC 8X is a damn good phone... Also, +1 for HTC One X for best Lagdriod of that list.

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