Gangnam Style Closing In On A Billion YouTube Hits

We've all giggled, groaned and Psy-ed (see what I did there?) our way through at least one screening of viral sensation Gangnam Style, but the video's meteoric rise isn't over yet. Analysts are predicting that the video will smash through a billion hits before the year is out.

Let's read that again: One. Billion. Hits. The prediction comes from the boffins over at ChannelMeter. The research shows that the video has already outstripped Justin Bieber, and dethroned Jenny from the Block.

What's more absurd: that people are researching Gangnam Style, or the fact that we keep watching? [The Atlantic via Gizmodo UK]


    This guy must be the luckiest bastard on the planet.! One song with a dance clip is all he's done and he's rolling in it...

      Yes because if you have only heard one song of his then that must be all he has done.

        Yes.. that is the only song of his I've heard, because that's the only one that's being broadcast.. everywhere! If he has others and they are anything like this one, then I doubt I'm missing anything. This one was OK for awhile but now it just shits me.!

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          he was already a highly successful comedian and entertainer in sth korea... a country that institutionalises its pop idols like the equivalent of a westpoint academy focused on entertainment

          half the reason why his song got so popular was due to cultural misinderstanding of the fact that hes being extremely satirical but not obvious to most youtube crawlers these days. ppl initially thought of him as another william hung (and probably still do)

          the fact remains that his other songs are slightly less satirical but ppl are expecting a lonely island esque discography, only to be disappointed, thats why you havent heard of his other songs.

          that being said hes still a genius and extremely talented and successful outside of gangnam style. but im sure he doesnt mind raking in the millions for the song that was produced on a small budget

          probably is the most financially successful viral video ever, only made possible cause he has real talent

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            Did not anything about this guy before the clip came out. Good on him for being so business savvy too, but frankly I don't care. The clip is becoming really annoying, he's made his money, now let it die the death of the Macorana... :)

              lol all his done?

              its his 6th album!

          The sarcasm was in response to your comment suggesting that this particular song was the only one he's done. Psy actually had a pretty strong following outside of the western world long before he released Gangam style.

    "We’ve all giggled, groaned and Psy-ed (see what I did there?) our way through at least one screening of viral sensation Gangnam Style, "

    Speak for yourself. I seem to be one of the few who haven't seen it.

    In fact, I haven't even heard the song in its entirety, let alone watched the video. The only reason I know how the song goes is because I've heard a few parodies of it.

    And no, I have no intentions of contributing to its quest to reach a billion views.

      Lighten up :P

      Eventually you are going to give in to the dark side! Even if the hype is gone. Hahaha!

      Trying to feel special and unique aye? Good for you.

        Nope, I just have no interest in it.

          Quite a lengthy comment trying to explain how you're not interested, isnt it? And to make a point saying you're not going to contribute to the billion views?? Sounds like you're going out of your way to "ignore" it. Haha

      This is the only version you need to watch. . .

      For what it's worth Mr (Ms?) Pointer, I am on your side on this one.
      You're not alone, I haven't been dragged down to that level myself either.
      I have not seen any of it at all and no desire to either.
      Accordingly, I'm not in a position to comment on whether it's any good or not, but I don't really care.
      " the fact that we keep watching "
      To quote Tonto "What do you mean "we" white man?"

        2 people making an effort to not watch it, and putting down others who have so you can feel special about yourself

    It still has 300m views to go.

      I'm sure it will get there considering it only had half that many views last month..

    I wonder how these numbers stack up against all the various "Rick Rolled" videos :)

    Hate it.... but love it lol can't get enough of that dam song

    contributing to 1 billionth mark!!!

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