How The American Music Awards Became A Giant Galaxy Note II Ad

Want to know who won at the 2012 American Music Awards? Go ask PopSugar. Want to see celebrities looking uncomfortable as they read the nominees and winners from the Samsung Galaxy Note II in one of the most blatant examples of product placement Gizmodo has ever seen? We've got you covered.

Kelly Rowland and Elisha Cuthbert went hands-on with the Note II in one of the most threatening images I've ever seen. Kelly looks like she might resort to skewering poor Elisha with that accolade any second. On a side note (sorry), that phone is almost as big as Elisha Cuthbert.

Jennifer Morrison and Ginnifer Goodwin (presumed clones) look pretty embarrassed to have anything to do with the Note II. Either that or they just watched an episode of Once Upon A Time....

Professional corporate sell-out and "musician" (get some capitals, guy) announces that the winner of Best Music Act is Justin Bieber. There are so many things wrong with this scenario that the presence of the Note II seems almost welcome.

Jenny McCarthy (don't pretend you don't know who she is) and country singer Luke Bryan (it's ok if you don't know who he is) got creeped out by the Note...

Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet was there. I have nothing bad to say about him so let's move along.

I'm nominating Lady Antebellum for "Most Enthusiastic Performance Featuring Gimmicky Advertising Nonsense"...of the year.

Colbie Caillat in the style of Kelly Rowland looks set to sacrifice Gavin DeGraw on the altar of Note.

And of course, Ryan Seacrest was getting his hands on the Note II, although from the looks of things, he's spied a pretty girl in the front row. Justin Bieber's mum perhaps?


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    That is no more shameful then watching an episode of Grimm where it seems every resident of the city of Portland owns an iPhone.

      I agree. To me the article reads like a tabloid.

    Say what you will about Apple, but they will never plug their products so shamelessly.

    Being from a Marketing/Advertising background, I can safely say that this form of product placement does more harm than good for Samsung. They don't seem to have any idea as to who their main market is: some campaigns show the Note II as a business phone and in cases like this, it's calling out to a completely different market. They really need to pull their act together and not look so damn desperate to sell their phones.

      "Say what you will about Apple, but they will never plug their products so shamelessly. "

      You don't watch much TV, do you? Or read much printed media.

        Having ads on TV or print media is OK. It's regular advertising which every run of the mill company does. It is ridiculously difficult to get Apple's permission to use their products in placement. Exactly the reason why you see so many TV shows etc. with Macbooks with their logos taped up etc.

        Apple has never gone to the length of sponsoring an awards show and have winners announced from an iPad or something like that. That being said, I'm not saying they won't do so in the future.

        All I am saying is that Marketing theory says people are getting smarter and blatant advertising plugs like this are becoming increasingly ineffective.

          You see very, very prominently featured Apple stuff in a lot of movies, just like you do from Sony; just as obnoxious and badly done.
          The movie "Friends with benefits" is a good example of desperate PP from Sony. The movie "Step up Revolution" is a good example of bad PP from Apple- there were scenes of Dell computers (when shown from behind and a distance) all being suddenly Apple PCs when there was a tight shot of the screens.

        He didn't say they don't plug their products (they do it more than anybody), but they're not this obnoxious about it. Yeah, you see the Apple logo glowing on the back of every laptop in the background of 50% of movies and every phone they use is a black rectangle with suspiciously rounded corners, but James Bond has never said "wait M, I'm just waiting to receive this villian's floor plan on my brand new iPhone 5 with blindingly fast 4G LTE web access. How can something so brilliant be so thin!?"

          Oh but I wish that line was in a Bond movie. Cracking me up.

          I just read that in Sean Connery's voice!

      So I guess you've never seen Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol.

        That was the longest Apple commercial I have ever seen.

      Blade Trinity.

        When i think of product placement that is always the first thing that comes to mind, It's so bad i almost feel sick watching it.

      Dumb. Most computers on movies and tv these days are Apples.

    Wow, that's terrible. Product placement is one thing (calling the event the Samsung American Music Awards would've been better) but that is just obnoxious.

    "Professional corporate sell-out and “musician” (get some capitals, guy) announces that the winner of Best Music Act is Justin Bieber. There are so many things wrong with this scenario that the presence of the Note II seems almost welcome."

    Caption nailed it.

    Wow, so a group decides to promote a non Apple product and you go on the offensive with some puerile comments that would better suit a tabloid.

    The Note 2 is really a fantastic bit of kit, but this is a silly way to advertise it. Some marketing team were obviously feeling a bit desperate, unimaginative, and insecure and the AMA has offered them a deal and they've taken more advantage off of it than they should have.

    They probably all high-fived each other after this... can you just imagine it? Hilarious and sad. :(

    "Say what you will about Apple, but they will never plug their products so shamelessly."

    Yeah, apple are only a short step behind Samsung to be honest, I wouldn't be using them as an example.

    ITT: People claiming that Apple products are never publicized. Watch basically any TV show and they all use iPhones. For example the TV show neighbours, every single character has an iPhone and they all use Macbook laptops. Don't tell me Apple doesn't know about this. This is with pretty much every TV show. And majority of crime shows seem to use Macs, even though we know this sort of thing doesn't exist in real life.

    These celebrities look like total wankers.

      You must have an iPhone. These are some of the most talented Americans we have in this country. The only reason someone would make a statement like this is because you're not happy with them holding a non-Apple device. SMH. iPhone had it's time. .. but it's gone now.

        I have no idea who they are so I don't care what they hold. This is not America. I've also never owned an iPhone.

    Personally I prefer product placement to blatant advertising. It is a good way of monetising media without being obtrusive - the brand of phone a TV character is using has no bearing on the quality of the show whatsoever.

    No wonder Jenny McCarthy looks's only 6 inches long.

    Looks like Samsung succeeded since we are all talking about it.

      Hahahahaha you're correct

      For better or worse, at least what they created is a buzz discussions on how awful the product placement and how bad samsung is, but the mind is a funny one, samsung will goes into the back of you mind and would pop out unexpected, like a bad distant cousin visiting your town suddenly

    You guys sound like some haters to me. This was brilliant. If Apple could have scored this deal, they would have. This was genius. Period.

    Does anybody here watch sports? Nothing wrong what Sammy is doing.

    Yeah, free moneeeeeey... if celebs really care, all they got to do is sell it sarcastically... with an big, overacted wink, or something...

    I don't get how this is obnoxious?? Samsung sponsored the event. In Australia we have the Toyota Cup in the NRL where Toyota is plastered everywhere, The NRL Telstra premiereship where every second ad during broadcast is a Telstra one...heaps of events like these are taking place around you. Open your eyes. Apple aren't immune to these types of product placement either. A quick search will show you exactly how Apple rules the product placement world. Don't just hate on Samsung because an article points it out. It's a business and it's a great advertising opportunity.

    Ah this is the usual Luke attack on anyone that advertises their product. besides apple.

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