FINN LIVES: iiNet Guy Looks To Be Here To Stay

A little while ago we marked the end of iiNet's contract with advertising agency Meerkats. Normally someone changing agencies isn't very interesting, except the change may have seen iiNet's polite, Irish spokesman, Finn, disappear from our screens. From the looks of things, though, it seems that Finn lives!

Finn's place on our screens looked doubtful when the ad account changed hands, after the head of the agency told us that he would neither confirm nor deny that Finn would continue as a brand mascot.

A new ad campaign featuring everyone's favourite connected Irishman is now airing on screens and iiNet continues to use him on its social accounts. Just today he's become the face of iiNet's Movember campaign, for example.

Here's to iiNet continuing to make us smile.

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