Find Out If You Can See Wednesday's Upcoming Solar Eclipse

From 5:30am (AEST, add 1-hour forward for daylight time) on Wednesday, the Moon will pass between the Earth and the Sun, causing a solar eclipse. Not everyone will be able to see the phenomenon, so it's best we tell you where you can find it.

The best seats in the house for Wednesday's eclipse will be in Cairns. Those viewing the eclipse up north will be able to see the Sun fully eclipsed by the Moon which would be awesome. The only risk for Cairns is the forecast for cloud and showers.

Starting at 5:45am (AEST), the Moon will begin its move in front of the Sun, and by 6:39am (AEST) the Sun will be fully eclipsed. Two minutes later, the full eclipse will end and the Moon will be out of the path of the sun by 7:41am (AEST)

As you head progressively south, however, the angle of view to the Sun will mean only partial eclipse will be visible.


Brisbane is arguably the second best place to view the eclipse from. While it's still only a partial eclipse, the Moon will predominately cover the Sun by 6:55am (AEST). The action starts at 5:56am (AEST) before concluding at 7:59am (AEST). Brisbane is expecting clear skies.


In Sydney, viewers will be able to see the partial eclipse from 7:07am (AEDT), and over the following hour, the moon will move across the Sun, with the partial eclipse set to end at 9:04am (AEDT). The weather forecast for Wednesday morning at this stage is partially cloudy with a chance of showers.


Canberrans get the partial eclipse three minutes later than Sydney, with the action kicking off at 7:07am (AEDT) and concluding at 9:04am (AEDT). The Moon will be closest to the centre of the sun by 8:04am (AEDT). The weather forecast for Wednesday morning at this stage is partially cloudy with a chance of showers.


Melbourne's partial eclipse will begin at 7:16am (AEDT) and is set to conclude at 9:01am (AEDT). The Moon will be closest to the centre of the sun by 8:06am (AEDT). The weather forecast for Wednesday morning at this stage is partially cloudy.


Hobart viewers will be able to see the eclipse from 7:26am (AEDT) before the event concludes at 9:08am (AEDT). The Moon will be closest to the centre by 8:15am (AEDT). Hobart will be partially cloudy on Wednesday morning.


Darwin viewers by in large will miss out on the eclipse, catching only a glimpse of the end of it as the sun peeks over the horizon at 6:10am (CST). Darwin is in for a chance of thunderstorm on Wednesday morning.


Adelaide viewers will be slightly luckier when it comes to spotting the partial eclipse, with the event visible from 6:43am (CDT). Adelaide is forecast for partial cloud on Wednesday morning.


Perth will be the only capital city to miss out on this eclipse entirely. The next eclipse visible from Perth will be the partial eclipse in May 2013 and the annular eclipse in April 2014.

Image: Shehal Joseph/flickr

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    Nothing ever comes to Perth.

      lol true. Even a Solar Eclipse agrees, Perth is too far to travel.

      I know!! The Killers won't even do 1 lowsy side show here !

      Ha Ha Ha! That is very funny (but true)

    I'm going to look directly at it

      I'm using my binoculars.

        I'm setting the telescope up (X_o)

    By "annular eclipse" in Perth, do you mean Lunar eclipse?

      Both the 2013 and 2014 solar eclipses will be annular and apparently both will only be visible as a partial eclipse from Perth's point of view. Annular is when the circle of the moon is smaller than the sun and you see a bright ring of the sun around the moon shadow at its peak, as opposed to a total eclipse where the moon entirely covers the sun in the sky.

        But today's 2012 eclipse is a total eclipse, because at the moment the moon's orbit is close enough to the Earth to completely block out the sun from a 150km-wide strip of the earth (crossing Cairns). Outside of that strip, even though the apparent size of the moon is larger than the sun, it is not directly between us and the Sun so it only partially covers the Sun. Still a spectacular sight.

        A partial-annular eclipse will not look any different from a partial-total eclipse.

    My first eclipse! =D

    What a great thing to wake up to on the morning of a Physics exam! It must be a sign, I'm going ot ace that exam!

      Same thing I'm doing Mr Unicorn, at the school's observatory no less. Not a bad way to end the year!

    Perth missing out on something else again again and again. Not surprised!!!

    Every website says its at a different time, then this one says it wont even be visible -.-

    Oh nice. I get a nice view from my work window.

    Its always bloody overcast with a chance of showers here when it comes to events like this......Mother Nature has it in for us

    Hey guys, how do you make or where can we get some eclipse glasses, better yet, Kotaku, can you guys do an article on it?

    Why the hell haven't you mentioned whee you can see the eclipse in totality - Port Douglas

    Love living on the westcoast sometimes...... lol

    "The action starts at 5:56am (AEST) before concluding at 7:59am (AEST)"?!
    Really? Saw absolutely nothing here in Brisbane from 6am onwards. Very disappointing.

      got some pics from Brisbane, defiantly did happen.

    Clouds looked fantastic in Sydney this morning. Bit worried though, I might have stared at them too long

    I saw it from Trinity Beach. The clouds parted briefly during totality. It was amazing how dark it got. WA will get it's own back in 2028; when there will be an eclipse between Broome and Darwin.

    Can you please figure out the best viewing points in Australia for the 29 April 2014?
    I need to plan ahead to book accomodation.
    I have some idea that Rockhampton will be close to total but I am not sure.
    Thank you

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