Facebook Is Testing A Router That Gives You Wi-Fi For Checking In

Facebook is testing a Wi-Fi router that grants users internet access after they check in to a business. In other words, when you're at the coffee shop, the router will let you online once you've checked in.

The limited test was first discovered by developer Tom Waddington who noticed code for a Wi-Fi feature in the Facebook API. The company later confirmed the test. Hurray for no more awkwardly asking a barista for the Internet password. As always, though, you have to worry that Facebook's going to use the service to be all up in your data. [Tom Waddington via CNET via The Verge]


    Sounds fair. Business gets a bit of advertising, you get free wifi.

    Does that mean they will be able to track what people are doing (eg: downloading torrents or adult material) a lot easier seeing as your user name and details are being used when you check in?

      Given Zuck's proclivities, of course they'll log everything that goes through their routers. Or, in other words, open your legs because...

      Well if you want to cart your laptop to the coffee shop to download porn and torrents then of course they will be able to then put sponsored links on your feed about that chubby porn you were watching lol.

    This is a great idea. Internet and Wifi aren't free, so you have to expect to give something up for access to it, i.e. Your usage data and logins.

    The world needs more of this instead of tracking malware and the like. At least this way we know what's happening.

    Sounds like no one uses checkin and facebook are getting desperate to keep advertisers happy.

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