Facebook Copyright Law For Idiots

We already explained just how worthless that Facebook copyright privacy status update gobbledygook is. But just in case you or one of your friends needs it spoken outloud to you because word-things are too hard, College Humour breaks it down for you in plain English.

Sorry, folks! Let's let this always be a reminder to think before we post. Now, back to your usual relationship updates and thoughts about lunch. [College Humor]


    HAHA, Awesome, people=stupid.

    And yet people who focus on the copyright Facebook reposting as silly (rightly) are still usually under the same misapprehension that Facebbok has laid some claim on people's IP because they ticked a box on a TOS.
    Both groups are wrong: The reposting is nonsense but so is the very fear that it addresses.
    So we have idiots, and idiots making fun of other idiots for being idiots...

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