Extendable Table Grows And Shrinks Without Swapping A Single Part

A small subset of the world's industrial designers seem to be focusing their efforts on creating new and innovative ways for an intimate dining table to transform into a place for a large dinner party. This latest design is courtesy of Julien Vidame, and it uses a series of rolling boards that lay flat or stand up to change the length of the table.

Like a mercifully silent accordion the table can grow from a cosy 31 inches to 62 inches in length, doubling in size and boosting the number of diners that can gather around. Unfortunately there's no pricing or availability info just yet, but Julien claims a working prototype does exist and is ready to go into production just as soon as a savvy investor realises how awesome the design really is.

[Vidam Creation via Notcot]


    And you can just accordion it out to tip the crumbs off! Easy!

    Wouldn't that just really annoying to, say, rest a wine glass on or a fork or salt and pepper shakers or pretty much anything that isn't a dinner plate? The ridges would make it impossible!

      Not sure if troll but the ridges are not there when its at full extension or retraction, i want one of these lol

      Last edited 09/11/12 11:32 am

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