Etsy For iPad: The Homemade Hipster Haven Goes Tablet

Etsy For iPad: The Homemade Hipster Haven Goes Tablet

Chocolates shaped like bike wheels. Artisanal pen ink. Vegan beard oil. These are just a few things you might on Etsy. Now you can browse the online market for homemade goods on your iPad.

What does it do?

Helps you discover, buy, and browse items for sale on Etsy.

Why do we like it?

We’re big fans of Etsy, and regular shoppers on the sites ourselves. What can’t you find there? And especially as the holidays approach, it’s great to have the shop on the iPad because it’s a gold mine of gifts. Worried you can’t find anything good? The app features interesting sellers and items that the Etsy team has hand-picked, along with big ol’ tablet friendly images. Plus, once you’ve bought something, you can tap into the Etsy-produced documentaries and how-to videos and beam them to your TV using AirPlay. This is what hipster heaven looks like.

Etsy for iPad

Download this app for: iPad (free)
The best part: how-to videos
The worst part: loads of crap on Etsy