Emoji Cookies. I Repeat, Emoji Cookies.

Emojis are a perfect way to describe your feelings. Sometimes, you need to eat your feelings. Ergo, emoji cookies.

These adorable, expressive, expertly decorated cookies were baked by a food blogger at Bee In Our Bonnet. They're just about the cutest things ever. But not so precious that you don't want to devour their delicious little faces. More of these, please! [BeeInOurBonnet via @BuzzFeedFood]

Image: BeeInOurBonnet


    Back in my day we would have called those emoticon cookies.

      In my day they would've been called iced biscuits with stupid faces.

      Don't worry, they are still called emoticons. The source calls them emoticons. Why Leslie went with the name for something different is anyone's guess.

        Probably an iPhail toting hippie, that's why!

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