Dropcam: Watch Live Feeds Of Anything For Hours And Hours

We've been a little distracted this morning, watching a turtle named Franky navigate a a pet store on Dropcam. Not making that up. He got stuck in a corner for a while, poor guy. Anyway, the fun doesn't have to stop when we leave the office for the day, because Dropcam just launched a new iPad app.

What does it do?

Dropcam is a wireless video monitoring system (you have to buy a physical camera for it). The app lets you watch up to four streams at once.

Why do we like it?

Even if you're not using Dropcam to monitor your own home, it's fun to watch other feeds. Seriously, we found ourselves watching old ladies assembling flower bouquets in real-time. And you can check out other featured streams from all kinds of places, like race tracks, aquariums, or whatever. Or you can use it as a nanny cam or a pet monitor, you know, the way Dropcam is intended. But where's the fun in that? [Dropcam]


Download this app for: iOS (free) The best part: watch feeds of anything The worst part: it's a time-waster

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