Dr Kellog's 15 Most Absurd Medical Contraptions

Dr John Harvey Kellogg, though most famous for his invention of the corn flake, also ran a very successful holistic sanitarium where the ill and infirmed would subject themselves to his unique medical practices. Our friends at Oobject have assembled 15 of the strangest restorative devices to ever come out of Battle Creek, Michigan.

After you've checked over those, take a look at these relaxing vintage massagers, these terrifying dental chairs, and a dozen high and dry swimming machines.

Electrotherapy Coils at the Battle Creek Sanitorium.

Hydrotherapy at the Battle Creek Sanitarium.

Some Dr Kellog contraptions on the Queen Mary.

Dr Kellogg patented electrotherapy exercise bed.

Arc Lamp Treatment to Scalp.

Man in diapers on Kellogs mechanical horse.

2 person foot vibrator at BC sanitarium.

4 person foot vibrator at BC sanitarium.

Mechanical slapping massage device at BC sanitarium.

Oscillomanipulator at Battle Creek sanitarium.

Arc Lamp Treatment to Ear.

Ultra Violet Dental Treatment.

Kellog's Hot Air Bath.

Window Tent for Fresh Air Sleeping.

The Vibro Mechanical Department at Battle Creek Sanitarium.



    The window tent is possibly the only thing of worth in this entire collection. What a monumental waste of burgeoning technological talent... Hopefully the engineers that worked on this crap moved on to bigger and better things.

      Obviously you do not understand the significance of Dr Kellogg's ideas. Einstein ha many ideas that were even more absurd than these yet his laws and creations are still being used today. many devices that Dr Kellogg are still around in more modern packages and exteriors.

        That may be, but do they include any one of these aptly titled "15 Most Absurd Medical Contraptions"? Some of which would surely lead to bad cases of skin cancer...

          I'm just speculating here, but there's a head chilling device for preventing brain damage during stroke victim transportation, oxygen tents, steam baths, UV teeth whitening is pretty common, electric pulse therpy is very common, I'm sure those vibration belts still exist in siberian gyms somewhere, and slapping machines... well lets just say they do exist for slapping humans, but let's just go with carwashes instead.
          I'd say pretty much all of them have a less gumby looking version in some form today.

    Anyone else remember seeing half of these contraptions in Bugs Bunny cartoons?

    Arc lamp treatment to ear : http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2011/11/09/light-therapy-earphones-help-sad-seasonal-affective-disorder_n_1083586.html

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