Court Demands Samsung Pay Apple $120,000 Per Day

Must be an uncomfortable moment over at Samsung headquarters right now. Just weeks after mobile division head J.K. Shin talked some seriously big game, a court in the Netherlands granted one more point to Apple in the companies' ongoing patent lawsuits.

Specifically, the judges banned any "Galaxy products that infringe on an patent describing a way to scroll through a photo gallery using a touchscreen." So any of the offending devices running Android 2.2.1 or higher that doesn't "use Samsung's proprietary photo gallery software" is now officially Dutch contraband. And every day that Samsung refuses to comply with the ban, they'll have to pay Apple $US120,000 as recompense.

And the incessant patent war drones on. [Ubergizmo]


    Misleading article title somewhat.

      Not to mention that the court has given Samsung 8 weeks to software update this first, and the fine only begins AFTER the 8 weeks is up.

    INB4 android noobs saying apple's too greedy, samsung got what was coming to them.

      Man this whole thing is pathetic on both sides now.photoscrolling? Really?

        you seem to be forgetting that next to none of these Apple patents are for anything actually substantial weresmurf.

        To this day it still amazes me that Apple have effectively become the very company they were decrying Microsoft for being in the 90's. . .

          Im well aware. But the whole thing has degraded on both sides into a pathetic joke. Apples a petulant child and samsung is acting like a stubborn fool on some issues. Surely there is an actual realistic middleground to be reached somewhere to end this shit.

            there is.

            Instead of suing & counter-suing, how about both companies stop trying to win market share by burying their competition in litigation & make a product that is better than their rivals' & therefore legitimately win customers.

            but its not gonna happen cos court costs are probably cheaper than R&D :(

            I agree that both sides are now nearly as bad as each other, this legal feud has went on for far longer than anyone could possibly care for bar Apple and Samsung's team of Lawyers.

            I do have to disagree with #35 however, Samsung is not trying to bury Apple in litigation. Apple fired the first salvo of this legal brew-ha-ha and everything ever since has either been Apple throwing more litigation on the fire or Samsung counter-claiming. Samsung have said multiple times it would rather give customers a choice in what they can buy and therefore the company that makes the better device will legitimately win customers, Apple on the other hand seem to be actively trying to use litigation in a banal attempt to monopolise the smartphone and tablet industries for themselves. I know a lot of Apple fans will disagree with me on this, but I just find it rather. . . interesting to see that Apple have effectively become the very thing they once stood against. . .

      ...Except its banning any samsung devices not running samsung software. I'm confused as to how this is just directed at samsung. From what i'm reading, its saying any samsung device running stock android photo gallery software (or any third party software, excluding samsung's) is now banned. Why is this just affecting samsung? Surely LG and other android makers would be affected??

      You do understand what a noob is right? Because right now you just sound ignorant.

        And you sound like an asshole with that comment. You know what one of those is right?

          For calling out a whiny troll? Right...

          That's a bit harsh coming from a comment spammer like you.

      Because Samsung take advantage of their touchscreens to scroll through pictures? Right.

    And this is way I will never own an apple product. This company needs to get a life

      Much as I agree that in many ways the iPad is probably a superior product, I will not be buying one for the same reason. Had an iPhone 3gs (which still works), got a Galaxy Note now. Will be getting a Galaxy Tab of some sort in the future.

        Aren't Samsung suing LG over OLED patents? It seems they're all as bad as each other, this patent shit has been going on for longer than smartphones, I don't think basing future gadget purchases on who sues the least is as noble as you might think.

          at least an OLED is an actual product, something that would have taken actual research and development costs to come up with rather than just patenting the most intuitive method of using a touchscreen to do something.

            well just do some research and you'll find that their are hundreds of patent disputes from all sides, it started when A.G.Bell was taken to court for the first phone or even before that with the wright brothers. If you think any of the large multinationals and innocent or concerned with the customer through any of this you need your head read.

          As alphamone said, the OLED patents are for an object that actually exists and serves a purpose, not a software patent such as 'slide to unlock' or a design patent like 'rectangle with rounded corners'.

          The second thing that should be noted is the most likely outcome to that lawsuit would be Samsung requesting a small percentage of royalties for every LG product that violates the patent.

          Apple on the other hand openly use their ridiculous patent portfolio to effectively block competitors from either entering a market or removing them from said market in an attempt to monopolise the industry for themselves.

          While I agree that basing my gadget purchase on who sues the least is not as noble. The fact remains that Apple is just trying to push everyone out of the market. I will always support an Android device as Android is a better OS system for me. It is more along the lines of Apple saying that can not compete against other phone companys so they try to ban the device. If apple wants to prove they are the best. do it fairly. After Apple is finished with Samsung, they will turn to the next Company. Sony you better watch out

            you're think their the only ones doing this? The first litigation involving smart phones and Apple was when Nokia sued them over 10 patents. I'm not defending anyone but just pointing out that they all suck so buy what tech you like and don't think you're sticking it to the man by purchasing Samsung products. You really want to stick it to the man don't have a phone at all.

    "...infringe on an patent describing a way to scroll through a photo gallery using a touchscreen.”
    Apple now has a patent on scrolling through a fricking image gallery?

    We could be friends Apple. We really could. Heck all the boys in the yard would be flocking to you... If only you just weren't such a bi**h.

    I don't understand how they can have a ruling in one part of the world on "patents" and then the complete opposite in another country.. this is not local services being delivered but a product that is largely the same throughout the entire world.

    Patent law in this day and age needs to be handles by a central, global body.. not a separate one in each individual country.

    "So any of the offending devices running Android 2.2.1 or higher that doesn’t “use Samsung’s proprietary photo gallery software” is now officially Dutch contraband. "
    Hmm doesn't that mean that the problem is with using android higher 2.2.1 or higher... So actually it's android software that is infringing. If it is using the samsung software then it is ok.
    So i don't really get why samsung is paying?

    OK I was officially bored of the patent war 2 months ago. Great way to inhibit competition the only losers are the consumers.

    I'm suprised no-ones tried to patent the front to back wipe yet, they'd earn billions suing the world.

    At what point are these tech giants going to realise their behaviour is beyond ridiculous and stop with the patent wars? Will my next phone be a Samsung? Unlikely. Apple? No. I'm put off by the behaviour of both companies.

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