Court Demands Apple Rewrite Its 14-Point Arial Apology To Samsung

The UK court that forced Apple to publicly apologise to Samsung in the form of a letter on its website is wagging its finger at Cupertino once again. Apple didn’t really do what it was told, so get ready for The Apple Arial Apology: Redux.

The Guardian reports that the UK court ruled yesterday on the specific wording of Apple’s apology. While the company did say it was wrong to accuse Samsung of stealing the design for the iPad, it also added extraneous information to the effect that other courts had ruled differently on the matter. According to the court, this equivocation made the apology “too slippery”, and thus, “non-compliant” with the original order. The Horror.

Apple will have now have to rewrite the the 14-point Arial font apology and place it on its homepage until December 14. This time, the apology will only have to be in 11-point font. Apple has until tomorrow morning to comply. [The Guardian via Engadget]

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