Classic Herman Miller Collection Gets New Napping Couch

Herman Miller's classic Collection series of furniture is getting a new addition straight from London design firm Industrial Facility. Meet the Picnic Sofa — a simple, beautiful, wire-supported couch.

The wire frame is key — it can easily support the contoured cushions, while weighing half that of a normal bulky couch. It also makes the sofa versatile and contemporary. And the cushions use something called suspension technology where a seat with a stretched moulding makes them bouncy like a trampoline, but with enough support and softness to make it a good place to chill.

The Picnic Sofa a lovely addition to the series, which was originally introduced by furniture designer George Nelson in the 1950s. It goes on sale in February, and pricing info isn't available yet. Design conscious nappers, start your engines. [Industrial Factory via Design-Milk]


    I'm sure it'll cost a small fortune.

    On a side note, can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have a username/password box on your main page. the way you do it currently does not allow chrome to autofill or save your credentials. Combined with the fact you've got to log in twice a week, it really makes me not bother at times!

    That looks like a supermarket metal basket holder with cushions on top...
    I wouldn't buy it even if it was free

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