China's First Aircraft Carrier Claims Its First Victim (Sort Of)

Our frenemies across the Pacific are now a naval superpower, having successfully landed a Chinese jet on a Chinese aircraft carrier for the first time. And it's lethal — the guy in charge dropped dead in the middle of it.

We're not doctors here, so we can't exactly say the J-15 literally killed Luo Yang, President of Shenyang Aircraft Corporation and the guy in charge of the J-15 program. But China Daily notes he did suffer his cardiac arrest smack in the middle of a J-15 training operation, what was surely a weighty time for both he and the entire Chinese military apparatus. That's a lot of pressure.

We also can't exactly say China is really a naval superpower, as the aircraft carrier is an old rust bucket it bought on the used lot from Russia — an old Soviet model — and the J-15 itself is based on old Soviet blueprints. [The Aviationist]


    I checked the link and there's nothing about anyone dying, and " Liaoning, China’s first Aircraft Carrier by a made-in-China Shenyang J-15" is not a rusty Russian bucket.

    If Australia could do the same we'd have a national holiday to celebrate.

      Funny - because I read the first link and specifically refers to the guy dying, aged 51.

      And it's an updated russian rust bucket if that makes you happier?

      The death is the first line of the China Daily link. But it is pretty funny to be slagging off a carrier and aircraft that are newer than pretty much everything in the US navy as old.

      "Ha ha, look at you with your newly built, best performing 4th generation fighters with modern avionics. Not a patch on our 30 year old FA 18s!"

        Excuse me? 30 year old F-18? What are you smoking? The F-18e, which is the version we bought had its first flight in 1995 and is also 4th Gen.

        While we are talking about aircraft in the Australian minitary. Lets talk about the F-35 and why we should not have bought any. We should have bought the F-15SE. A gen 5 aircraft, a third the cost, faster, longer range can carry more weapons costs a fraction to maintain compared to the F-35 and being based on a commonly used airframe, spare parts will be easy to come by.

          The F/A18 is an old design now and the F18E is generally regarded in military circles as being inferior to most other aeroplanes which have the same or similar functions. As to the F35, people need to understand that an aircraft is only a part of a system of defence (or offence) and the F35 combined with the Wedgetail AWACS aircraft, Collins submarines and Air Warfare Destroyers, along with other types soon to be delivered, makes a potent force. Whether it can beat other Asia Pacific countries in a war is something I hope that we never find out. The F15 is a very old design now and thoroughly outclassed in our region.


            It out matches the F-35 in all but STOL ability. The F-15 is more manuverable, faster carries a heavier load over a longer distance and is more survivable than the F-35, plus the F-15SE works now and will intergrate into combat systems just as easily as the F-35. The F-15 may be an old design but the new SE version is bult from scratch with new materials and methods. The Aero dynamics have been tweaked and of course the aeronautics.

            The F-15 Eagles that the US opperate are still unbeaten in any air-air combat. They have excelent survivablity. Just ask the Israli pilot who flew one back to base with most of one of the wings missing after getting hit my a SAM.


            Sorry it just occured to me that the SE is already an F-15 model. I'm reffering to the Silent Eagle. not the Strike eagle.

          F-15SE is certainly not a gen 5 Aircraft, it has "5th generation features" which amounts to Conformal Weapons Bays, composite contruction, canted rear vetical fins and reduced RCS.... from the front.... against X band weapons only. The F-35 is of such an immensely higher degree of capability, both in defences and situational awareness it isn't funny. Spherical IRST and cueing, AESA radar capable of Air and ground attack using Senthitic Apature Radar and ECM. None of which feature on any airframe in existance today.

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        The chinese carrier was launched in 1988, with a recent refit. The last Nimitz class was launched in 2006 and commissioned in 2009.

      Australia DID have a fully operational Aircraft Carrier, we had 2, and had them for decades. We didn't replace them because we had no need to maintain an expensive naval fleet air arm. I guess we didn't want to push our neighbours around and steal their countries (Tibet), Gas (Philipines) and islands (Japan). We sold HMAS Melbourne to China for scrap, they stole our VLA, Catapault and Arrestor systems.

      As for the J-15, that is a knock off aircraft. Of which Russia is VERY unhappy about, and has cost China access to Russian technology, particularly jet engines.

      The Chinese government are thieves, pure and simple.

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        Lets be fair, China didn't steal Tibet, they invaded it with tanks and stuff when no one was looking so I will give you that. However, as I have actually read the documents about the islands in question, it was Japan who stole the islands. Technically it belongs to the Taiwanese government.

        and you are right about the J-15, it is a piece of sh*t ripped from the Russians. Performance wise, you can tell how good it actually is when the Chinese officials say the performance is "almost" on par with F-18, it pretty much means it is worse.

      @Justin. Do the same 'what'? Build a carrier? There is no doctrine and defence dollars for Australian Govt to support a carrier. By itself, a single carrier is useless - it requires huge, costly support elements and there needs to be more than one, so that any one time, a carrier is available when the other one is down for refit. Comparisons between China and Australia and respective military's are nonsense.

      As for a celebration if we did build one - GTFO! There is a huge public antipathy or apathy (you choose) to Defence in Australia. Not going to happen. There are better ways to spend a small defence budget on - power projection platforms like a carrier is not one of them.

    Lol, that J-15 is a KIRF version of Russia's SU-27 Flanker.

    Oh, China.....

    Been there and done that..

    While it doesn't have the most glorious history, we did have an aircraft carrier for around 40yrs after WW2.

    Why do the flight deck controllers look like power rangers? (check at 1:00)

      The same thing is done on US aircraft carriers. It serves to make people and their roles easiliy identifiable.

    It's interesting to see that they launch the aircraft without a towing system, and instead rely on the aircrafts own trust for acceleration plus the lip on the end of the runway.

    Not doubt it's a more reliable system in that planes aren't grounded when the launching system breaks down, however I'm guessing the planes would have a reduced maximum payload they can take flight with (compared to if they were being towed).

      Indeed, chewing huge amounts of fuel. US planes can fly off carriers without the catapault, it requires FMP (Full Military Power) not good for engine reliability. They are moving to a 'rail gun' electromagnetic system in their next carriers.... METAL GEAR?!

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