Check Out These Amazing North Korean Spy Weapons

North Korea hates Park Sang-hak, a former citizen and now South Korea resident and activist against the brutal regime of the Kim Jongs. They hate him so much that they sent a killer agent to eliminate him using these James Bond-ish weapons.

Talking to CNN, a South Korea government official showed the apparently innocent objects that the killer was planning to use to kill Park Sang-hak on the streets of Seoul. Two of them were pens, which apparently are standard issue among North Korean secret agents. The first kills on contact, injecting quickly a poison that paralyses the victim and kills it within seconds. The second one fires one single bullet, a tiny projectile which is also filled with a killing venom.

But those two were well known by the South Korean's intelligence agency. The third weapon, however, is completely new to them: a torch that has three holes. Each hole is actually gun barrel, which gets activated with the push of a button. One click and boom, you are dead. [CNN]

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