Check Out These Amazing North Korean Spy Weapons

North Korea hates Park Sang-hak, a former citizen and now South Korea resident and activist against the brutal regime of the Kim Jongs. They hate him so much that they sent a killer agent to eliminate him using these James Bond-ish weapons.

Talking to CNN, a South Korea government official showed the apparently innocent objects that the killer was planning to use to kill Park Sang-hak on the streets of Seoul. Two of them were pens, which apparently are standard issue among North Korean secret agents. The first kills on contact, injecting quickly a poison that paralyses the victim and kills it within seconds. The second one fires one single bullet, a tiny projectile which is also filled with a killing venom.

But those two were well known by the South Korean's intelligence agency. The third weapon, however, is completely new to them: a torch that has three holes. Each hole is actually gun barrel, which gets activated with the push of a button. One click and boom, you are dead. [CNN]


    Well if they know all about it, must have been an epic fail

    Naturally we can assume the western world has far superior and much sneakier tools of the trade...?

    Pretty sneaky...but now I know to look out for a torch that has three holes

    and to be wary of pens

    These pens really are mightier than the sword

    No lasers? North Korea, I am dissappoint...

    "kills it" a person is not an "it".

      Technically they are.

    Viddler is shit.

    Not too sure how the torch kills instantly unless those bullets are full of poison also. Or the torchee is holding it up to their eyeball or something.
    Either way you're holding it its more likely to hit your hand/wrist/forearm bones before anything else.

    Lol the people that run Giz must be so frustrated. I can't stand it when I tell a totally entertaining story & the listeners let me finish then immediately try to poke holes in the logic or ask irrelevant questions, ignoring how awesome the story itself was.
    Shame on us

      You know what these guys need? Peer proof reading. Send it to a colleague so that at least ONE pair of fresh eyes sees it before it goes out. This is the third article I've read today with obvious grammatical errors / typos.

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