Caviar Vending Machines Are Perfect For The Tycoon On The Go

Ever found yourself in the mood for some caviar but didn't have quite enough time to stop off for some on the way to your private jet for a trip to your own personal island? Me neither, but apparently someone has, because they invented the caviar vending machine.

The machines dispense $US500 per ounce caviar along with mother of pearl spoons and all the other paraphernalia required for proper enjoyment of the delicacy. These vending machines — or "ATM's for caviar" if you want to be less pedestrian about it — have shown up at a trio of upscale malls in Los Angeles. It's hard to imagine many people who would be keen on eating caviar from a vending machine in a mall no less, but they probably only need a few sales to break even. Better start saving up. [LAMAG via Boing Boing]

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