Caption This: Ruslan Kogan Visits Kyle And Jackie-O

Well, well, well! Everyone's favourite outspoken millionaire Ruslan Kogan swung by the Kyle and Jackie-O show this morning. What say you?

Here's what was discussed:

• Ruslan's position on the BRW Young Rich list (#1 under 30) • How his life has changed since starting Kogan • What actually does • Listeners rang in with their own million dollar ideas and Ruslan, Kyle and Jackie O gave tips

Good to see technology getting a run on mainstream radio.

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    When did Kyle and Jackie become such short fat ugly people?

      The same on the outside as inside, most people cant see through their perception filter :P

    Jesus.... Kyle is effing huge!

      Yeah holy crap. Did he just eat a bunch of visiting children or something?

    Holy crap! I remember them talking about Kyle's weight and geez they weren't kidding!

    Agree. So suited for radio at the moment. lucky the TV show ended if the camera adds 30 Kgs Whoa look out I would need a 100" screen!! :)

    Wow. The promo pics for those guys need some serious updating.
    This (Kyle) is the guy who mouthed off at someone about their appearance??
    Note for you Kyle. Mate no amount of black is gonna be slimming enough.

    Oh, what was this article about again?

    Before and after; Kyle's photoshop journey.

    Father Christmas receives a surprise visit from his two children

    I seriously, heartily, desperately hope that Kyle and Jackie-O will just explode into oblivion in the very, very, very near future.

    They are a pair of disgusting, vacuous, self-absorbed scumbuckets, and the continued acceptance of his deliberately antagonistic and her vapid, superficial actions is appalling.

    Successful entrepreneur Ruslan Kogan (centre) stands with two terrible people who are believed to have no soul

      Really Rob? Successful entrepreneur ?! are you you F*CKING KIDDING ME? He makes money off stealing peoples design IP and making them in China for 1/100th of the quality and cost. LETS SHUT THIS SOULESS CREEP DOWN!!! SIGN THE PETITION TO SUPPORT AUTHENTIC DESIGN!!!

        That is the spirit of the entrepreneur.... Take Ideas and turn them into money......
        Note; the people (alleged) design stuff, make it in the same Chinese factories and then turn around and charge the consumer 100x as much as they should.....

        If Kogan makes millions, they make bililons.....

        In some instances you get what you pay for, in others you get the label you pay for.....

    Kogan- For someone under 30, life hasn't treated his face or body very kindly.

    It's fun to critique people's appearances! :)

    Thought bubble above Kyles head making an insensitive comment about Jewish Russians.

    Kogan releases yet another functional but poor quality product. Limited memory and slow processors, these radio hosts only have a 10 word vocabulary.

    Kyle should have been taken out behind the backyard shed and donged on the head a long time ago. I do not like that turkey at all.

    Last edited 02/11/12 10:24 pm

    Cocks of a feather flock together.

    The pies, all of them, eaten......

    Moments before this picture was taken, there was a 4th person in the shot. Kyle has no idea what happened to them, honest.

    'Just stand there while I suck out your soul' - Kyle.

    Kyle: "I keep eating but I still feel cold"

    Just so that my comment doesn't get removed, I will use similar sounding words instead:

    "A runt, a clock and a stussy"

    Who ate all the pies?!?

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