Camera Bag Six-Shooter Provides Easy Lens Access

Not only is Kata's Revolver 8 backpack a safe place to carry your camera gear when travelling, it's just as useful in the thick of things when you're snapping away and need quick access to your lenses. Up to five lenses can be stashed inside a rotating barrel, making it easy to grab just the one you need from an access panel without opening the entire backpack.

And since most photographers travel with everything they need for post-production as well, the Revolver 8 can store a 15.4-inch laptop in addition to a full sized DSLR with an extra battery grip. And if you do shoot with a particularly hefty camera, the backpack's shoulder straps feature mounts for attaching its strap, taking the weight off of your neck. Amateur photographers might balk at the Revolver 8's $US250 price tag, but if having easy access to your lenses ensures you won't miss a valuable shot, it seems like it would be worth every penny.

[Kata via Ubergizmo]

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