Cadbury Develops Chocolate That Will Melt In Your Mouth, Not In Your Hand

The bright minds in Cadbury's R&D department have done something amazing — they've created chocolate that won't melt. Willy Wonka has to be real. Just has to be.

The "temperature tolerant" candy remained solid, even after spending three hours in an incubator where the temperature was 40C, according to its patent filing. At that point it was still solid when pressed with a finger, and it didn't collapse into a brown sticky, molten mess like you'd expect. The logical fear here is that it might not actually melt in your mouth at this point, which would pose a threat to your digestive system, but apparently with a little more pressure it can be broken.

So how does it work? First of all, we're assuming Oompa Loompas play an important role in the process. But also, researchers at Cadbury found a way to break sugar particles into even smaller pieces, diminishing the amount of fat they're coated with, which apparently makes chocolate bars impervious to heat. Do you live south of the equator? Do you have a habit of leaving chocolate in a hot car? Do you find melted chocolate in your pant pockets often? Your worries are over. [Daily Mail via LA Times via Pat's Papers]

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    Did they add any cancer causing chemicals?

      Of course! Just like the ones already in: Orange juice, soft drink, jellie lollies, chips, frozen meals, and the ones they put in the drinking water!


    Remains solid at 40C? That won't melt in your mouth or your hand.

      It remains solid at 40C without being touched; but will melt easily when in contact with the very hot environment that is a mouth.

      i think the idea is chewwing fold saliva into it

    70%+ cacao, some sugar, and STFU

    So... It's a simpler sugar? From barely remembered high school bio... simpler sugars are worse for you.

    Then again, for this to actually matter, you'd have to be eating enough chocolate to be unhealthy already.

      smaller, not simpler...

        You are completely correct, I read that wrong! It's the particle not the molecules they're shrinking.


    Wait, the article says it will only be available in hot places like brazil or India?!
    What about Australia? The great heat down south?!

    As long as they bring back the taste of their good chocolate. Cadbury chocolate is garbage compared to what it used to taste like.

    M&Ms have been doing this since the 1950s... and even had the exact slogan "Melts in your mouth, not in your hand".

    Useless trivia fact: This slogan in Bulgarian rhymes perfectly and sounds awesome.
    "topi v ustata, ne v rĊ­kata"

      Congratulations, you got the reference, but missed the joke. "Doesn't melt in your hand even without a protective candy coating to shield it from the heat" isn't a catchy title.

    They invented Belgian chocolate? Chocolate that doesn't melt in your hand has been around for ages. The problem isn't that it melts, it's that it can only be kept for about 6 weeks before it goes bad (as opposed to what you usually get from Cadbury, which is "compound chocolate", and lasts for months, but does melt). I'm guessing that Cadbury have invented a way to load Belgian-style chocolate with preservatives so it'll last for months in Christmas hampers.

      You would think they would want to make it go off quicker so that customers have to re-buy.

      No its so they can store the stuff longer and make it further from release. All these advances are to make more profit.

    "Do you live south of the equator?"
    What does that have to do with temperature? Are there no hot places north of the equator?

      No of course not, India for example is very cold and frigid year round.

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