Build Your Own Apple Fusion Drive For Your Old Mac

Apple’s fancy new Fusion Drive promises to couple an SSD with a traditional hard drive for large-scale storage with lightning fast boot-up and program launches. But a developer found Mountain Lion already packs support for Fusion Drive, meaning that with an SSD, a hard drive and a bit of Terminal magic, you can create your own homebrew Fusion Drive right now for your old Mac.

The process, well, it isn’t exactly plug-and-play, and you’ll need to know what you’re doing with the Terminal version of Disk Utility. There’s no telling whether Apple will give you an easier way to do it in the future -- a Fusion Drive utility of some sorts —- or whether some enterprising developer will create a tool for us all, but I wouldn’t use this for my primary setup just now.

Still, a speed boost for your old Mac without having to fork out horrendous sums on a large SSD sounds like a great plan to me, especially if the Fusion Drive actually works as promised, unlike other lame-duck SSD hard drive hybrids. [Patrick Stein via Apple Insider via Gizmodo UK]


    I did this last night. Seems to work well but I would love to be able to properly test the read/write speeds and the traditional apps only report HDD speeds due to the way a Fusion Drive setup works.

    My Momentus XT 750GB seems to have kicked a lot more life into my 5yr old Mac.

    Apps and programs spring open almost instantaneously, though I haven't noticed much quicker boot times (not that I boot that often) as was promised.

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