Because Nothing Says Acer Like Megan Fox Talking To Dolphins

I don’t know what this is but it should probably never have existed.

At least the pitch meeting must have been fun:

ACER MARKETING GUY 1: I’ve got a great idea for an Acer ad. ACER MARKETING GUY 2: I also have a great idea for an Acer ad. ACER MARKETING GUY 1: Let’s say both of our ideas at the same time on the count of three and just combine the two ideas into one totally incomprehensible 96 second folly that in no way highlights our product or brand. ACER MARKETING GUY 2: That is why you are Marketing Guy 1.


Anyways, there you have it. Neither a Megan Fox Acer ad nor a dolphin Acer ad makes any sense so why not just combine them into a great big jumble that makes even less sense, cool, got it, thank you. [Laptop Mag]



    I guess it's got us talking about it ...

    But what the hell man.

    How does she not know what a dragonfruit is?!?

      I had that same thought

      When I saw the thumbnail for the video I thought "What the hell does a dragonfruit have to do with Acer"

      Now after watching the video I'm thinking "What the hell does any of that have to do with Acer"

      It's not a common fruit. I know what it is; I've seen it 4 times maximum in my life.

    What is that gross-looking thing in the thumbnail image??

      Are you talking about the dragonfruit? or Megan Fox?

        That pinkish reddish thing with the stuff coming out of it. Ew.

          Dragonfruit is delicious. Don't knock it till you've tried it.

          I think that one was Megan Fox lolololol

    wow. that was... confusing.
    Does Megan fox have any star power anymore? This certainly can't help either her or Acer's brand image.

    I hate Acers. Not because of this ad, but because every laptop a friend ever asked me to fix was an acer. "my computer is broken"... what did they do wrong? they bought an Acer. A cheap, crappy Acer. Probably from a supermarket.

    ...what the hell. I thought watching the clip would give me some clarity. It did not.

    Acers sell simply because they are the cheapest or provide most features for a price. Ads don't matter and will not change anything

    I thought the allure of Megan Fox died off once the dust settled on the first Transformers movie.

    Heh, that was kind of amazing.

    Acer: We'll turn your vague ideas into reality using SCIENTISTS who do SCIENCE! Also somewhere in that our computers are involved or something.

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