Australian Skitch Founder Admits That Skitch 2.0 Is A Catastrophe

When Evernote pushed out Skitch version 2.0, a lot of users were shirty that some of the screenshot app's popular features had been pared down. Two months later, many old-school Skitch users are refusing to come back, so the Australian co-founder of Skitch and chief designer Keith Lang has posted an admission that Skitch really screwed up.

When the Skitch debacle went down back in September, the company responded by making Skitch 1.0 available to users again, and reinstating a few features. In his post, Lang lists these (menu bar support, easy multiple format support) as well as a few other features that are coming back soon, like auto-creation of sharing URLs, automatic URL shortening, and direct hosting of images.

Lang explains that many of the features that haven't been been reinstated yet were removed for security and privacy concerns. He says that Skitch will put them back with appropriate notifications so that people know what they're getting into. But what's probably most important is that he's demonstrating real commitment to users. At the end of the first paragraph of his post he utters three magic words: "We'll fix it."

Godspeed, sir. [Evernote via The Verge]

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