Apple To Pay Samsung Legal Fees Because It Didn't Apologise Well Enough

And Apple's apology to Samsung as order by the UK court just got even messier. After posting an apology they had to rewrite, and then pushing the rewritten one down the page with Javascript, a UK court has ordered Apple to pay Samsung's legal fees in full to even things out.

The Court of Appeal of England and Wales has ordered Apple to pay Samsung's legal fees on an "indemnity basis", saying that Apple's initial apology was "false and misleading" by virtue of referring to other cases outside of the UK (which Apple had won) to spin the whole thing in a sort of positive way. Typically losers already have to pay for the court costs of the winner in the UK, but this ruling takes that to the fullest extent of the law by basically extending it to cover every dollar and cent. It's intended to serve as a little punishment to Apple for being rather snide about the whole thing. This should bring the whole saga to a close. Hopefully. [Groklaw via The Verge]


    Good thing too. I read their second "apology"
    Not once did it say the word 'sorry', or admit fault, or do anything that they were required to!
    It basically just said "we lost a lawsuit"

    This whole fiasco is a massive joke

    Apple would much rather pay Samsung's legal fees than apologise.
    It'll only make a minor dent in Apple's bank account anyway...

      Yup. Spend as much as they dare publishing pix of iPad vs Tab with a headline of "UK Court deems both of these original". Hope they have a plan.

      The publicity is the main issue here and due to the incompetence of their UK legal team they're failing in those stakes badly.

      The money may be inconsequential, but the publicity... oh the publicity...

      except now they have to pay the legal fees AND apologize properly AND they look like douches.

    Apple made the CLASSIC mistake of trying to cover up something it didn't need to and having it BLOW UP IN THEIR FACE and giving it FAR MORE publicity and exposure than if they just did the right thing in the beginning.

    And they did this not just once, but THREE TIMES and counting.

    First by drafting the extremely poor "apology" that rather made them look like the annoying smart-alec kid in 6th grade that had snappy answers for the teacher for everything and always got sent to the dunce corner.

    Then they made the mistake of taking the piss with the judge and arguing there was "nothing wrong" with the first "apology" and that they would need 14 days to make any changes to the website.

    Now they've made the mistake of trying to "hide" the re-written "apology" on their website by artificially forcing it to appear off the user's screen no matter the layout, screen resolution and zoom size of the browser.

    In each case Apple was reprimanded not only by the judges, but by the international media and by public opinion. They gave their humiliating defeat to Samsung in the already high-profile case at least THREE TIMES the amount of publicity that they needed to, and needlessly extended the story's life cycle.

    Worse, they mocked and destroyed what little reputation they still had, and came across as an extremely arrogant, self-righteous, out-of-touch and disrespectful BULLY that not only showed CONTEMPT toward the law and legal system of the UK, but toward the public in general for thinking they would be "fooled" by the dishonesty of their "apology" and the dishonesty in manipulating the positioning of the "apology" on their website.

    Sadly it seems that without a strong leader, visionary and public icon like Steve Jobs to lead the company, Apple is falling apart much faster than anyone anticipated.

    With their share price having plummeted 170 points in just seven weeks and wiping off US$140 BILLION off their market cap, despite launching the iPhone 5, iPad Mini and iPad 4 in that timeframe, it is now obviously apparent the "Golden Era" of Apple built by Steve Jobs has come to a screeching end.

      i wet my pants a little. Thumbs up

    its disgusting they get away with just a small sum of money to pay, its actually contempt of court

      i think the cost really is more than simply paying their fees. the community would be taking note of this and there would be some people deciding they didnt really want that new iphone after all and buying something else instead.

    Pathetic on Apple's part. Stop trying to find a loop hole, and take it on the chin. Have lost all respect for that company

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