Apple's Swiped Swiss Clock Design Cost $US21 Million

Not long after the launch of iOS 6, it came to the internet's attention that Apple's clock design was rather familiar. In fact, it had been lifted straight from the Swiss National Railway. Apple agreed to pay up, but it wasn't clear how much at the time. Now we know it was a whopping $US21 million. Does that make it the most expensive clock on Earth?

The number came out in a Swiss publication, but the actual terms of the settlement are still in the dark. 9to5Mac points out this equates roughly to a 10 cent take on each of the 210 million iOS 6 devices, though there's no way to tell if that's how they came to the number.

The Swiss National Railroad hasn't express much anger about having their iconic design used, but who wouldn't want to get theirs, flattered or otherwise? It's not like Apple didn't have the extra scratch. [Tagesanzeiger via 9to5Mac]


    Well that's a nice target for when other companies come asking to use it.

    I think it should be more since they are the ones leading the witch hunt.. since they're not leading by example and seem to not care that they take peoples ideas. hypocrites.

    ouch... how much would the original cost?

    Everyone loves to see Apple stung with a copyright bill, but that is a ridiculous amount of money for a red ball on a second hand

      But $1b is ok for having a "round cornered rectangle"

        Who said that? I'm pretty sure it wasn't me. Of course the Samsung judgement is over the top. However, you appear to be confused by the difference between taking out a license and being hit with damages. Perhaps if Apple had been eating into their profits in the multi-billion dollar Swiss railway clock business, you might have seen a different outcome.

      Good design makes people like you say rubbish like that.

        Apple brainwash makes people say nonsense like your statement.

        if the offense is A and B is an instance of A and A has been punished by paying 1b, then 21m is a bit of a discount for offense B, regardless of how you view it.

        Paying such ludicrous amounts for design resemblances is already madness and begs the chicken and egg question: How many things are truly original and how to prove and should we start suing each other BUT, honestly, the 20 mill compared to the lawsuit with Samsung is flattering Apple and its quite frankly luck that the Swiss Railroads are not as greedy and probably suspect that any lawsuit would not give them the desired outcome that the biased American court would give to Apple.

        Apple is disgusting regarding their business practices and beat their competitors by far. They may be top success-wise but bottom morally and ethics-wise.

    I think it should have been higher (not a lot higher) due to Apple being caught using it without permission and not making any attempt to seek permission to use it.

    Apple obviously don't care how much it costs to get what they want, which is really bad business sense. Seriously. anyone with an ounce of common sense would have dropped it and maybe apologised at that cost.

      Yes. Apple's directors clearly have terrible business sense. Apple is obviously on the brink of collapse due to their terrible stewardship. Derp.

        Yes, well when they start losing market share and sooner or later they will, we won't have to worry that they just threw the money away on million dollar rights over a clock face... will we?

          Will you make sure to return to this thread and gloat about it when it happens? Thanks.

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