Apple's Passbook-Enabled Gift Cards Aren't Coming To Australia Yet

Though iOS 6's Passbook burst onto the scene with a bit of a whimper, but it's been getting more useful as time goes on. This weekend, Apple started rolling out Passbook-enabled Apple Store gift cards in the US, so you can buy a gift that's not only last-minute, but not even a physical object. The only issue is that it's only available for US customers so far.

The cards can be purchased through the recently updated Apple Store iOS app and come in sizes of $US25 all the way up to $US2,000, which would make for one hell of a gift card. They also come in three colours, but that's sort of a moot point when you're going digital. The digital "cards" aren't just for folks who can use Passbook though; they can be delivered in the form of a printable email. If you load them into Passbook, however, you get the option to take the "card" with a zip code, so Passbook can remind you that you have Apple-cash to blow whenever you're near a brick and mortar store.

It's a nifty little feature, and hopefully we'll get it soon. [App Store via Engadget]

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