Apple's Gift Guide Is Just The Apple Store

Jingle, jingle, everyone! Throw on Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas" and bust out the nativity. The holidays are officially upon us — Apple has released its holiday gift guide. Oh my god, I can't stop squealing! Oh wait. It's just the Apple Store with more red font.

Last night, as the tradition decrees, a cheerful Apple elf opened up the site and painted it with the word "gift" next to electronics and added pictures of people wearing winter clothing. And you can buy these products Designed by Apple in California for amazing discounts exactly the same price as always. But now, if you want to gift an iPad, you get to press a red "BUY" button to do so. And iPods are seasonally surrounded by skeumorphic red ribbons, just like they would be around the Christmas tree. God bless us, everyone. If you need us we'll be celebrating this annual non-event getting blasted on egg nog. [Apple via Business Insider]

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