Apple Seems Slightly More Apologetic As It Removes Page Resizing Code

Apple continues to make an absolutely huge mess of apologising to Samsung, with the Javascript that initially hid the legal correction from view now removed from the UK site so its half-arsed apology is a little more visible.

Apple's initial apology to Samsung over its iPad copying claims was ruled incorrect and had to be rewritten and replaced. The link to this subsequent re-apology, which the judge specifically said had to feature on the front page of Apple's UK site, was then slightly obscured from view via a piece of page resizing code, which ensured the link to the correction was always off the bottom of the screen so you had to scroll down to find it.

Now that code has gone and the Samsung correction is a little easier to see. Sorry really is the hardest word for Apple. So hard it still hasn't actually said it. [Apple UK via The Register]

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